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on the user’s desktop stand, who will be able to get an invincible position in the competition, the Qihoo chairman Zhou Hongyi to understand that I’m afraid this point, he has received millions of users rely on free strategy. After sitting on the Chinese maximum client Tencent also launched QQ software housekeeper, is expected to continue to extend its success in this field. In August this year, there is news that Baidu Inc will launch Baidu Computer Manager, the news has been confirmed by Baidu internal staff.


Baidu Computer Manager (big picture)

Baidu is a great success in the field of search engine, in addition to the "Post Bar" business, diversified development way the rest suffered varying degrees of frustration, Baidu’s e-commerce platform "have ah" has also disappeared quickly after the launch. Some analysts believe that since then the client will become the fastest tool to capture the user’s desktop, Baidu launched the computer housekeeper is also hoping to get a place in the market.

but in the last month, there are internal sources Jinshan will be in-depth cooperation with Baidu. Prior to the news, Baidu will launch in September with Kingsoft security computer housekeeper. But so far, no Baidu staff confirmed this statement. But an employee of Baidu internal evaluation in the launch of Baidu’s software manager said, Baidu search software and computer housekeeper to eventually solve the problem of network security, this form will bring new business models to the webmaster, spawned a large number of clean small download station.

in addition, sources also revealed to the web to download software that Baidu will be launched in October this year, the core function and the thunder or similar, but he refused to disclose more information.