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Students protest for ‘Clegg off campus’

first_imgDeputy Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg visited Oxford on Tuesday to speak at two public events.He spoke first at Wesley Memorial Church on New Inn Hall Street, at a question and answer forum hosted by the Oxford Mail.  About 140 people attended the event, including several students.Clegg also delivered the European Studies Centre Annual Lecture 2014 at St Antony’s College, speaking for approximately an hour. The subject of his talk was ‘Britain’s Place in the EU’. The talk was meant to begin at 3.30pm and last until 4.30pm, but the Deputy Prime Minister was running about ten minutes late.Speaking to the Oxford Mail, Clegg denied that he was visting Oxford two days before an election, because he was concerned about his party’s potential performance.The Oxford Activist Network organised a protest against the Deputy Prime Minister’s visit, dubbed ‘Clegg off campus’. The protestors assembled at 2.30pm outside of the Taylor Institution Library, with around thirty people participating in the protest. The protestors’ chants included “abolish fees now” and “shame on you for turning blue”.The Oxford Activist Network also issued a clarification on the Facebook page for the event, “We are by no means trying to enforce a policy of ‘no platform’ on the Deputy Prime Minister. We’re quite sure he has lots of easily accessible platforms, and that tactic is reserved for fascists and the like. Instead, the aim is to demonstrate that, after betraying students, Clegg is not welcome on our campuses or in our universities. By protesting on Tuesday, we’re showing that the student movement has not forgotten this stab in the back, that we continue to oppose the marketisation of education, and that we will fight for free education.”Xavier Cohen, who attended the protest, commented, “I protested against Nick Clegg because I don’t think someone who betrayed students by promising free education and then trebled tuition fees should be welcome in our university. We were forcefully kept out of our own university by police who were pushing us, whilst Nick Clegg was ushered onto campus.”One first year Balliol PPE student, commenting on the protest, told Cherwell, “Nick Clegg may not have fulfilled his promises on tuition fees, but a spirit of compromise is essential to achieving other policy objectives that the Liberal Democrats have. The claim by the far left that they are representative of the student body is farcical, all they are doing is shutting down debate and free speech rather than engaging in constructive discussion – such as by questioning Clegg in a debate.”last_img read more


first_imgJust in case you missed Mayoral; Candidate Gail Riecken  e-mail she sent to Commander Acker accepting his invitation  to attend the “CALL TO ASSEMBLE”  we have attached  her acceptance e-mail.GAIL RIECKEN ACCEPTANCE LETTER TO ATTEND THE “CALL TO ASSEMBLE”.Dear Commander Mark AckerAs a wife, who’s husband was a Navy Veteran and served three (3) consecutive tours in Vietnam, it’s an honor for me to accept your invitation to speak at the Veteran’s Council of Vanderburgh County’s “Call to Assemble” event on September 23 held at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum.When our county called upon the brave men and women to serve their Country for the cause of Freedom, they did. Today our Veterans are calling our local political candidates to “Assemble” at the Veteran Memorial Coliseum and I consider it to be a privilege and honor to participate in this event.I also share the Veteran’s Council of Vanderburgh County’s commitment to encourage honest, open governance, with transparency and better accountability to our beloved City. As your State Representative, I have work tirelessly on issues that effect our Veterans and shall continue, if I’m elected Mayor of Evansville.I strongly feel the “Call To Assemble” will give me the opportunity to discuss the present and the future of our great city in an open and honest dialogue.I look forward to attending this event and excited about discussing the real issues with my opponents.Sincerely,Gail RieckenMayoral Candidate For the Great City Of EvansvillePlease take time and vote in today’s “Readers Poll”. Don’t miss reading today’s Feature articles because they are always an interesting read. Please scroll at the bottom of our paper so you can enjoy our creative political cartoons. Copyright 2015 City County Observer. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without our permission.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare Earlier this week Mayor Winnecke declined  the invitation by the Commander of the Vanderburgh County Veterans Council, Mark Acker to attend the “CALL TO ASSEMBLE” gathering.  This event is an nonpartisan  political forum to be held on September 23, 2015 at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum.  Posted below is Commander of the Vanderburgh County Veterans Council, Mark Acker statement concerning Mayor Winnecke declining to attend this event.OFFICIAL  STATEMENT  FROM VANDERBURGH  COUNTY VETERANS COUNCIL  COMMANDER, MARK  ACKER When told  that current Mayor Lloyd Winnecke declined his invitation to attend the “Call To Assemble” event on September 23, 2015, that would benefit the Vanderburgh County Veterans Council and Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Commander Mark Acker stated that he is “deeply saddened and disappointed.”“I don’t understand  why the Mayor would decline this invitation in order to attend the ongoing Traveling City Hall event that are poorly attended and could easily be represented by one of his staff.”   “I hope he will reconsider his decision because the area Veterans would like to know what we can expect from him the next 4 years if he’s reelected Mayor.”MARK ACKERCOMMANDER, COUNTY VETERANS COUNCIL COMMANDER, last_img read more

Allied Bakeries launches wildlife conservation promotion

first_imgAllied Bakeries has announced a new partnership with Conservation Grade, a nature-friendly farming scheme.The firm, which owns the Kingsmill, Burgen, Allinson and Sunblest brands, is to invest £400,000 in a new marketing campaign to raise awareness of the work of Conservation Grade through its Allinson range.From February to April, all Allinson rolls and loaves will feature an on-pack promotion for consumers to collect tokens, which they can then send off to claim a free bird feeder.“Giving consumers the opportunity to make a real and lasting difference to conservation in the British countryside through their daily bread is fantastic,” commented Tim Nevard, CEO, Conservation Grade.Allied Bakeries expects to source 20,000 tonnes of milling wheat from Conservation Grade-accredited farms during the 2011 harvest.Ellen Bailey, Allinson brand manager, said that as a result of this wheat contract, during 2011, “Conservation Grade-accredited farmers growing for Allinson are expected to sow an additional 720 acres of wildflower habitats, as well as hundreds of acres of plants that provide seeds for wild birds and other habitats”.last_img read more

This Week’s Picks! A New Brain, Amazing Grace & More

first_img View Comments Star Files Check out Jonathan Groff’s New BrainBegins June 24 at New York City CenterSummer is the perfect time to visit with old friends—and not just Seven-Beer Steve or No Pants Linda! Through June 27, A New Brain, William Finn’s 1998 semi-autobiographical musical is being staged as part of the Encores! Off-Center season. Jonathan Groff plays a struggling composer who, after being diagnosed with a brain tumor, must deal with his personal and professional life. Ana Gasteyer, Dan Fogler, and Aaron Lazar co-star. Click for tickets! Hey, you, waiting on line for the artisanal ice cream truck. You’ve been standing like a chump for hours and your boss is waiting for that spreadsheet. Besides you only have enough change for ice chips. It’s time to do something different, Broadway-style! Luckily, we have options. There’s Jonathan Groff at Encores!, the debut of Amazing Grace, and Shakespeare on the big screen. Get ready for this week’s picks! See a Ruthless Backstage StoryBegins June 25 at St. Luke’s TheatreLots of stuff is happening off-Broadway these days, but you can handle one more morsel of awesomeness, right? Good! An updated revival of Ruthless! The Musical starts previews today, so get reacquainted with malicious eight-year-old Tina Denmark (Tori Murray) as she does whatever it takes to get the lead in her school play. Keep your eyes on Murray. Britney Spears, Natalie Portman, and Laura Bell Bundy all got their start played Tina. Click for tickets! Party with the Pageant ContestantsJune 22 at 54 BelowWork parties typically suck: terrible eats, terrible banter, and a lame soundtrack to accompany your soul slowly dying. We have one you can safely attend. The “ladies” of the 2014 revival of Pageant are holding a launch concert to celebrate the original cast recording. Expect popular numbers such as “Natural Born Females” and “Something Extra” as well as performances from folks like Nick Cearley and John Bolton. Click for tickets! Find Yourself at Amazing GraceBegins June 25 at Nederlander TheatreIt’s time for the first new Broadway musical of the season! Amazing Grace tells the story of John Newton (Josh Young), a brave and musically talented young Englishman whose journey ignited a historic wave of change that led to the abolitionist movement. Don’t worry. The entire score isn’t just the beloved hymn played on a loop—we think. Erin Mackey and Chuck Cooper co-star. Click for tickets! Jonathan Groff Enjoy Some Cinematic ShakespeareJune 22, check movie listingsWe’d see Julie Taymor (The Lion King, Grounded) direct an elementary school production of Grease in a mall food court. Luckily, you don’t have to go to such extremes—just a nearby movie theater. For one night only, Taymor’s 2014 acclaimed production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Theatre For A New Audience, Polonsky Shakespeare Center, will play on the big screen in select locations nationwide. Click for tickets!last_img read more

groSolar Signs Exclusive North American Distribution Agreement With Leading PV Inverter

first_imggroSolar Signs Exclusive North American Distribution AgreementWith Leading PV Inverter Manufacturer Motech IndustriesSan Diego, CA- groSolar, North America’s premier provider of solar energy solutions, has announced an agreement with Motech Industries, Inc. of Taiwan. The agreement provides groSolar with the exclusive right to distribute Motech’s industry-leading PV inverters to their expansive network of premium solar dealers across North America.Suitable for residential or light commercial applications, Motech’s line of PVMate inverters are the most efficient inverters in their class. “Motech has successfully developed a series of PV inverters that perform at high efficiency, enable greater flexibility for system designers and allow easier installation and service for system installers,” said Jeff Wolfe, co-founder and CEO of groSolar. “As the sixth largest solar cell manufacturer in the world, Motech has the capabilities and resources to deliver quality products which will enable us to provide reliable inverter technology and meet the growing customer demands.””In developing our relationship with Motech I have been consistently impressed by their commitment to quality, reliability and industry leading inverter performance” said John Berdner Vice President of Technology for groSolar.By partnering with groSolar, Motech gains access to a well-established, geographically diverse distribution network that is the broadest of any North American solar provider.”This agreement with groSolar is a continuation of Motech’s marketing efforts to sell its PV inverter products to international markets by leveraging established sales channels”, said Dr. Simon Tsuo, CEO of Motech Industries, Inc., which was established in Taiwan 27 years ago. “We look forward to a long and rewarding relationship with groSolar.”Offering world-class performance, Motech’s inverters are expected to quickly become a favorite of installers. Lightweight, simple to install and featuring a very low-profile, the inverters lower installation costs by requiring only one person for installation groSolar is developing accessories for the inverter, including true plug-and-play inexpensive monitoring.The groSolar/Motech agreement was announced at the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego as part of the largest solar power conference and expo in the United States – Solar Power International 08.About groSolar(r)groSolar is North America’s premier solar power company focused on designing, distributing and installing high quality solar electric and solar hot water systems. groSolar provides residential installation in the eastern US, and commercial installation in California as well as the eastern US, serving other areas through an extensive dealer network. With a system of warehouses across the continent, groSolar has the broadest distribution capabilities of any solar provider. groSolar integrates components from leading solar manufacturers including Evergreen Solar into efficient solar energy systems for its customers that generate clean, reliable energy for decades. groSolar.comAbout Motech(r)Established in 1981, Motech Industries Inc. (Taiwan OTC Stock Code: 6244) is the sixth largest solar cell manufacturer in the world in 2007 according to Photon International Magazine. In addition to solar cells, Motech Solar division also manufactures polycrystalline silicon ingots and wafers. With annual sales of over US$500 millions in 2007 and expected solar cell manufacturing capacity of 580 MW in 2008, Motech provides high-quality solar cells to module manufacturers worldwide. Since 2006, Motech Instruments division has started the manufacturing and shipment of grid-tied photovoltaic inverters for the solar industry. Motech Power division is involved in the design and installation of solar photovoltaic systems in Taiwan. is external)last_img read more

A Climber’s Guide to Carabiners

first_imgCarabiners are one of the most ubiquitous pieces of climbing equipment around. These oddly shaped pieces of aluminum seem to sprout from every climbers harness and backpack like odd little flowers. Knowing a little bit about the different varieties and characteristics of carabiners can be helpful when deciding what you need to have with you for which purpose. So clip in and relax here is my take on the wide world of those snappy thingies.It can be helpful to understand the parts of the carabiner. There is the spine which is the side opposite the opening. The part that opens is called the gate. It will either be a solid piece that houses a spring inside it or a wire gate. The nose of the carabiner will have a shape that allows for the gate to be captured when the carabiner is loaded and begins to stretch. This has typically been a pin and a notch for it to rest in. Variations now include key locks where the bin is replaced by shaping the metal on both the gate and nose so the two pieces fit forming a wedge.Wire gate carabiners may be less susceptible to vibrating open during a fall where the motion of the rope running through the carabiner causes the gate to flutter open a small amount. If the carabiner is loaded with the force of a lead fall at that exact moment it can possibly fail. Unless the spring on a solid gate carabiner has become weak or excessively dirty this is a very rare phenomenon. The wire gate design can be less prone to freezing though which is nice for activities such as ice climbing and mountaineering. They can be lighter as well in general. Other considerations for the nose of the carabiner can be how clean it is with regard to clipping. Key lock carabiners are less prone to snag on a wire of a stopper or the edge of a bolt hanger. Some wire gate carabiners are also designed in such a way that there is less chance of the nose becoming snagged while clipping or unclipping.Carabiners are described as having a major axis and a minor axis. The major axis is along the spine and is how the carabiner is generally intended to be loaded. The minor axis is the span between the gate and the spine. Carabiners are stamped with strength markings that indicate major axis, minor axis, and gate open strengths. These are marked with the kN symbol which indicates strength in kilonewtons. One kilonewton when converted to a static load strength is approximately 224 pounds. Climbing carabiners are engineered to handle the loads commonly experienced while engaged in climbing activities. DO NOT go out and get carabiner like items from the hardware store and bring them out to a climbing site! Also if you have non-climbing type key chain carabiners around, never let these get mixed into your climbing equipment.Some things to consider will be weight versus durability. If you are just getting started and want some workhorse carabiners, lean towards buying ones made of thicker stock as opposed to the smallest and lightest. They will last longer before getting notched out by the rope. Once your carabiners start to show significant notching, go ahead and toss them. While they might still be strong enough for the loads you subject them to the other serious concern will be the new edge radius that has been created by the missing metal and that new edge could be dangerous for your rope. I will also mention steel carabiners. These critters are massively strong and durable but they will feel like small bricks in your pack and will set you back a good bit more price wise. Unless you really just want the longest lasting carabiners for mega top rope sessions year after year, you probably have no need for the steelies.Locking carabiners are not necessarily stronger than non-locking ones. Again the strength is determined by thickness of stock used, shape, etc. The point of locking carabiners as that they keep the gate from accidentally opening during critical applications such as while belaying or while the rope is running through a top rope anchor.Shape: There are a few basic categories of shape with tons of variations on each.Ovals: One of the oldest varieties is the Oval. Ovals are useful due to their symmetry. You can pair two in the opposite and opposed configuration and have a nice secure combination where the spine of one acts to guard the gate of the other from being accidentally pushed open. They are also useful when using pulleys or aiders when you want the load to rest in the middle and not shift around as much. While these have become somewhat less popular among climbers I would say they are still worth keeping a few around. The shape is handy for racking equipment like a set of wired nuts or a few tricams.D-shaped: This shape came about in search of increasing the strength of the carabiner by shifting the load closer to the spine.Modified/ Asymmetrical D: These are D’s that have been stretched out to increase the gate opening or gate clearance. This helps when trying to clip ropes one handed as when leading a climb.Pear or HMS: These locking carabiners are generally sized to handle two strands of rope such as when belaying with double ropes or rapelling with two strands. They also allow for building a munter hitch. By having a larger rounded section they also are a good choice for a clove hitch. This combination is a common way for climbers to anchor themselves at the belay station using the rope on multi-pitch climbs.The blue and orange carabiners on the image above are examples of pears. The first has an autolocking gate and the middle has a screw gate. The purple carabiner on the right is an asymmetrical D with a screw gate. Autolocking gates can be handy in that you may be less likely to forget to lock it but the down side is they cannot be clipped one handed which means when attaching the rope or tying hitches like the clove or munter you will need to have two hands free.Marking your carabiners is a great idea if you plan to go out and share equipment with friends. Some electrical tape can work or another option I have liked is automobile pin striping that you can find from auto part stores. It is narrower in width than electrical tape, cheap, and durable. Nail polish is also a popular option.As always your safety is your responsibility, be sure to get quality instruction before selecting equipment and using it.There are many great threads and posts on this topic. Check out the following links for more great reading. Check out some of the great resources at and for info about their products. For tips and resources you can also visit the American Mountain Guides Association web page and look at the Tech Videos section. Feel free to visit us at Fox Mountain Guides as well for info on courses and instruction.Happy Climbing.last_img read more

Three ways a financial literacy program can benefit your credit union

first_img 72SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Kyle Y. Swisher, III Kyle Swisher is Executive Director of the Credit Union Foundation MD|DC.  Mr. Swisher has led that Foundation over the past ten years in its mission to improve lives through … Web: Details Financial literacy programs can help with your credit union’s business development efforts from a variety of angles.  An assortment of financial education options is available for you to use and need not drain your financial or human resource budgetsReaching the Youth MarketWhile it’s true that people at every stage of life can benefit from financial education, the best time to begin developing personal finance skills is early in life.Credit unions can create their own financial education programs to reach out to members’ children, or reach out into the community where many non-credit union members can be found.Schools; youth programs like 4-H, or Scouts; or faith-based organizations are places where youth groups meet and often look for activities for their participants.  Financial education is generally welcomed.Credit unions can help educate young members of their community on the benefits of membership, as well as other basic financial literacy topics like identifying needs versus wants, budgeting, responsible borrowing, etc.Protecting Nonprofit StatusCredit unions enjoy their nonprofit status for two important reasons: the governance structure used by credit unions and the benefit to the community-at-large that credit unions provide.  One of the greatest benefits credit unions can point to when their nonprofit status is questioned, is their commitment to financial education, and dedication to creating well-informed consumers.Like nonprofit counterparts in healthcare, education, and the arts, credit unions bring benefits to the community, and can demonstrate those benefits best by supporting the core value of financial literacy.Nonprofit organizations are known for providing community outreach within their areas of specialty.  Hospitals offer free clinics, musical arts organizations sponsor free concerts, animal advocacy groups help with adoption services, the list is endless.  What is common, though, is that each organization “stays in its lane” and offers communities a benefit based on their specific core mission. Financial literacy is definitely “in our lane”.Promotional OpportunitiesFinancial literacy programs are, in and of themselves, a direct benefit to the community.  And they offer credit unions the chance to “blow their own horn.”Any financial literacy program should include appropriate coverage, including:Sample newsletter articlesLobby postersStatement stuffersWebsite coveragePress releasesIncluding a promotional component to all financial educational offerings, extends the benefit of the program and allows for a “halo effect” that helps garner positive community regard for the sponsoring credit union.So financial education programs benefit the sponsoring credit union on several levels.  What is your credit union doing to leverage this opportunity?last_img read more

US election 2020: Why don’t we know the result yet?

first_imgRelated Topics Let’s take a look at some of those states then. There were some big moments, but mostly in the other elections taking place, where control of the Senate still hangs in the balance: You might have reasonably expected to have some kind of clue about the results of the US presidential election by now. Mr Biden and Mr Trump are projected to win the states they were comfortably expected to winThe race is still very close in a few crucial competitive states In some of those tight races, officials haven’t even started counting postal votes, and those could change everything. Should I have stayed up? So if you win that state, you win its votes (except Nebraska and Maine, but that’s complicated). There are 538 of these state votes in total – the person who gets 270 will become president. Wisconsin and Pennsylvania: These states haven’t even started counting postal votes and that could take days. Link box banner top

Crawley & Gatwick offices: Crawley’s flying low

first_imgTo access this article REGISTER NOWWould you like print copies, app and digital replica access too? SUBSCRIBE for as little as £5 per week. Would you like to read more?Register for free to finish this article.Sign up now for the following benefits:Four FREE articles of your choice per monthBreaking news, comment and analysis from industry experts as it happensChoose from our portfolio of email newsletterslast_img

Pension funds must engage with banks showing ‘little remorse’ over fines

first_img“This is not just a ‘nice to have’ thinking about using our stewardship role appropriately, it’s a must. And it’s not just for the long term, it’s to protect members’ money now.”Fawcett singled out JP Morgan joint chairman and chief executive Jamie Dimon for criticism, noting that he held both roles “against all best governance practices” and in spite of opposition from shareholders – although he noted that the percentage voicing concern had declined at the most recent annual general meeting over the previous year’s share of around 40%.He said this demonstrated how important collaboration was to persuading large companies to change their ways.#*#*Show Fullscreen*#*# Mark Fawcett (right) collects NEST’s IPE Award for best risk management at the ceremony in Noordwijk on 21 November.“Jamie Dimon kind of believes he can do what he wants, right?” he said.“He shows little remorse for $13bn of fines that have been levied on them, and he’s perfectly happy to be joint chief executive and chairman.”According to an analyst note by MSCI ESG Research, JP Morgan’s fine amounted to 78 days of revenue when basing revenue on a three-year average.However, the company also found that financial institutions subject to extraordinary fines – where the one settlement was more than 30% larger than the cumulative fines of the preceding three years – the return on average equity (ROAE) fell 75% for the quarter in which the fine was levied, compared with ROAE from the same time last year.The note, which based its analysis on data from the four years to October, contined: “While this result is expected when the fine was booked, we found ROAE remained depressed for up to five consecutive quarters following an ‘extraordinary fine’.”It added that this contrasted with no depression at institutions that were not subject to extraordinary fines.Matt Moscardi, senior analyst at MSCI and author of the note, told IPE there was “without a doubt” an impact on returns due to the fines.However, he said that while the extraordinary fines often led to a “shoring up of governance” across the affected banks, it was change that took years to implement.“But it’s not uniform that it’s necessarily the shareholder pressure,” he added.“What we are finding more often than not is that, when banks are making money, the shareholders largely are hands-off about it, and the governance changes are mandated by the regulatory aspects of the fine.”Moscardi noted that similar challenges were not often found elsewhere – such as in the more strictly regulated utilities sector – and that the size of fines levied at the banks were the result of more than a decade of de-regulation of the industry.“These fines are in lieu of regulation,” he said. “The new regulations are largely being lobbied away in the US […] and we haven’t noticed any change in controversial behaviour, for the most part.” Pension funds must cooperate on engagement to ensure banking institutions showing “little remorse” over multi-billion-dollar fines are held to account, the CIO of the UK’s National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) has said.Mark Fawcett noted that the six largest US banks had been fined around $100bn (€73.6bn) in recent years – including a $13bn settlement between JP Morgan and the US Justice Department over the investment bank’s involvement in the subprime mortgage crisis – and that the sums were largely down to failures of governance.Speaking at the National Association of Pension Funds stewardship conference earlier this week, Fawcett added that this was essentially $100bn in funds taken away from investors, including pension funds, and that, as defined contribution funds such as NEST were now the “genuine” long-term investors in a world of declining defined benefit funds, it was important to take the role seriously.“I’ll argue, given those sorts of numbers, that, to date, institutional investors, asset owners, fund managers – despite the best efforts of most people in this room – have failed to focus on stewardship and governance,” he said.last_img read more

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