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Nanjing will build a business business complex

for many people, business now is not just a slogan, one thing at the same time, the majority of entrepreneurs and many social administration is doing at the same time, local governments are now active in the launch of some help in the entrepreneurship policy.

8 am, Nanjing high speed rail hub Economic Zone, the first financial business and entrepreneurship as one of the urban complex – Chu will be officially opened. This project has not yet opened its doors had become a net profit of 1 billion 500 million yuan, Chinese (Nanjing) software to "valley on behalf of the enterprise and market, professional ideas for the successful operation of the project. It also marks the completion of the implementation of the Yuhuatai District Valley linkage, the integration of the city into a new stage. read more

Higher education is not suitable for Entrepreneurship

high school is a n the envy of many things in many ways for the advantage. However, a high degree in a market is no longer seem to have the advantage, which is the entrepreneurial market. There is such a statement, less educated people is more likely to succeed, on the contrary, the higher education is not suitable for business, and this is the theoretical basis?

according to this observation, in fact this argument makes sense, because the less educated people do not read too many books, high educated people earlier to enter the society, they are also more abundant social experience than their peers, at the same time, due to the low degree, they will also be put under the shelf, to engage in grassroots the work, which is often the most, can exercise a person. read more

Leisure clothing store management skills inventory

modern consumers are very concerned about their own health management, so the demand for casual clothing greatly improved. If you want to seize the opportunity to seize the opportunity to open casual clothing stores, you can learn a lot of business knowledge, so you can easily get a good profit.

in casual clothing stores, for outdated products, its market value will be greatly reduced, if not timely disposal, will make the store in trouble. For a quarter of the commodity, its market value greatly reduced, because a quarter of goods such as not timely treatment, had to wait for next year to sell. But next year is popular, if there is a ready market is still unknown, even if the market is valued, high interest a year of hoarding of goods will also profit up, therefore, the leisure clothing store sale is inevitable. read more

Xiaobian tips dry cleaning shop service is very important

now dry cleaners not only to fight the technology, but also fight service, and some shop door-to-door delivery, and some stores do not have this service, the gap came out at once. Dry cleaning shop service is very important, many businesses do not pay attention to this problem in the course of business.

now the service is the embodiment of a store quality standards, good service can help you retain customers, do not pay attention to customer experience never get the trust of customers. The market is such a reality, only you are willing to hold others to heaven, they will be happy, you have to enjoy here, the next will come. Dry cleaning shop to do the same service. read more

How much does it cost to open a chicken

today, the rapid development of the food and beverage industry, it also attracted many franchisees to join them. But there are many brands of food on the market, which should be chosen? For entrepreneurs, to open a chicken shop is also a good choice, the cost is not high, the market demand is very large, loved by customers. Here is a detailed description of how much money to open a chicken shop?

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nnovation and entrepreneurship to enhance the national strength to increase wealth income pouch

policy to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship is the main purpose of solving the employment problem, but also to improve the development of the economy, so that more and more people become rich, so that China is becoming more prosperous. Therefore, the national development and reform of employment and income distribution Secretary Pu Yufei stressed the need for innovation and entrepreneurship to create revenue.

  behind the innovation and entrepreneurship is the entrepreneur takes up and the government’s move to seek potential, so today is a "double" conforms to the historical trend of the times, follow the. The future, the "double" popular wealth and revenue of two important directions to find effective channels, the virtual wealth into real wealth, innovation and entrepreneurship to create wealth to income. read more

Hefei housing prices rose almost 12000 yuan square meters for four consecutive weeks

Hefei as a central city of China, in recent years the economy has been developing rapidly, housing prices also continue to rise, but the crazy housing prices growth trend, and this seems to be the city’s economic development level is not symmetrical. For the trend of prices in Hefei, is a normal state or deformity?

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Pet shop named method

at present, the pet has become a part of the family, pet business opportunities market is growing, so, if the operation of pet related businesses, will naturally have a good development prospects. Of course, you want to run a hot pet shop, naturally also need to have an attractive name, which requires operators to master the relevant methods. So, pet shop named method?

a reverse thinking pet shop name

can use reverse thinking to cleverly say the characteristics of their stores, for example, there was a horror film called "don’t come near," the implication is that a dog can enter) read more

The name of the company in ten and two arcane formulas

each of the investors truly established a company, must be entrusted with their hope, so they hope that it can develop real prosperity, and this is often reflected in the name, but a lot of people might have on the name is not very understanding, often self defeating, following small to introduce the company name of the ten and two arcane formulas.

1. say, good, easy to read; 2 good record, people found that 3 of the people can be gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory; a glance from a number of brand; 4 the use of the products, and unique function. At a glance; 5 cause good association; 6 creative characteristic, not same with others; 7 products have potential possibility of further development; 8 of production and advertising products and system integration, name; 9 commodity style, taste; can be named and 10 registered trademark right. read more

Open a beauty salon is very small money to teach you to quickly improve popularity

we know, beauty salon is very profitable, and the risk is very low, so many friends are planning to open a beauty salon. But beauty salons in order to continue to be prosperous business, it is necessary to have a group of the most loyal customers. So, how to enhance the popularity of beauty salons? How to open a beauty salon to earn more money?

How to enhance the popularity of read more

What are the mistakes in the retail process

everyone in life will form some mistakes, retail store owners if the daily operation of the careless, more likely to encounter more mistakes. Once the error, often have a very negative impact on the operation of the store. In short, although the retail activities seem simple, but in reality is not simple, involving many aspects of the parties (including some details), the need for retail households careful, careful. However, in the retail business, as a result of retail households temporarily careless, some mistakes and errors are inevitable. But after the occurrence of the need for cautious and prudent handling of retail. What are the mistakes in the retail process? read more

The technology of nternet of things in Xiamen

the advent of the Internet era, so that our lives have undergone a lot of change, the emergence of the Internet of things technology, not only in the electricity supplier to better use, can still be used in the aquatic industry. On December 8th, wisdom fisheries Xiamen science and technology limited company in Xiamen to build the east ocean aquatic processing industry characteristics of the "management system" project officially started, the start of the general assembly in the networking technology, the integration of the two traditional aquaculture enterprises transformation of exchange and discussion, and enterprise networking information application signed "the wisdom of the material management system the application of strategic agreement". read more

How to open sports leisure clothing store small series sharing management skills

sports and leisure clothing is very popular in the market, open a sports and leisure clothing store is also a good choice for entrepreneurship. So, how to open sports leisure clothing store? Today Xiaobian for everyone to share some sports and leisure clothing franchise business skills.

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Heilongjiang Province college students can enjoy small unsecured loans

with the further relaxation of entrepreneurial policies, various types of government and private entrepreneurs to apply for loans to reduce the threshold for college students to start this group is not a good news. Heilongjiang for college students to implement unsecured pure credit lending, clear barriers to entrepreneurship.

In order to solve the

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Hot ten headset brand rankings

now people love with the headset to listen to music, watch TV, people can not be disturbed, this is very good, so the headset market is gradually recognized by people, many people choose the headset now, what are the popular headset? The whole Xiaobian will bring you hot headset brand rankings, to help entrepreneurs to learn more about a brand.

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Woman opened a hot pot shop to earn nearly one million

now the development of the food and beverage industry has emerged a lot of brands, you want to develop your career in the food and beverage market is to find a good faith to join the project. As we all know, the big boss is Hot pot catering market, various characteristics of Hot pot shops throughout the high streets and back lanes are welcomed by consumers, all kinds of flavor and favor, bring a lot of business opportunities for the market, then open the Hot pot shop has also become entrepreneurs of the small investment project. read more

Shop distribution can really make money

suddenly like a gust of wind in general, shop distribution to join such business quickly hot up, claiming to be able to help partners to earn more lucrative returns. So, shop distribution can really make money?

online shop to join the so-called can help investors earn a high profit in 1 months, even if there is no investment experience in the headquarters of the training guidance for a month, you can achieve the miracle of making thousands of dollars a day.

flicker: let you become the next Ma read more

Nike sales exceeded 30 billion 600 million ranked first

in the sports brand, Nike is regarded as a leader in the global sports brand, at home and abroad can be seen everywhere Nike logo, everywhere wearing Nike shoes or clothing consumers. In 10  one of the most popular American brands, Nike  annual sales of   306  $100 million in the first place. Even   2014  annual income of   220  $100 million Swedish brand   H& M  nor beyond   Nike.

Nike  sales exceeded   H& M ;   GAP  group three sub brands are on the list. Recently, the fashion website   Fashionista  according to the brand income of the   10  one of the most popular American brand. read more

How to create a consumer confidence in Leshan City

in the process of economic development, a lot of the industry has also appeared some unsatisfactory things, some of the serious violations of the law. The majority of the people in the market for consumption, more and more uneasy. Usually spent money, but can not guarantee the effect. So, how to create a consumer confidence in Leshan city?

7 4, mayor Zhang Tong presided over the executive meeting of the municipal government of the 125th. The meeting considered the "Leshan consumer city create assured comfortable implementation plan", passed the "Leshan" 13th Five-Year "basic public service system planning". read more

What are the operating skills of small dumpling shop to announce

Dumplings on the

market is not uncommon, really do not have a certain scale of the brand, in order to make the dumpling shop business bigger, need to master more skills. Dumplings as a traditional Chinese cuisine has been deeply loved, open a dumpling shop is also a very good business opportunities. Do you make money? Xiao Bian introduced some dumplings shop management skills, friends want to open a dumpling shop to see it!

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