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Xining cultivate and practice the socialist core values proposal

Friends of the general public:

firmly establish patriotic values, a patriotic love of people.

patriotic love is a citizen’s basic moral requirements, but also the fine tradition of the Chinese nation, only the good of the country, we will be good. We should correctly handle the relationship between personal interests and national interests and collective interests, the pursuit of personal value with the fully completed objectives linked to the well-off society, actively to achieve the dream of China, to contribute to the construction of people’s satisfaction with the life of the city, the city of happiness.

firmly establish dedicated values, a dedication of the people.

firmly establish the integrity of value concept, do an honest and trustworthy person.

firmly establish friendly values, to do a good person.

is a friendly way of citizen basic, but also to promote the spiritual bond of social harmony. We want to be a caring person, goodwill, love, and actively participate in volunteer service and learning Lei Feng and moral practice, the socialist core values internalized in the heart, outside of the line, to create "moral high ground", focusing on the construction of "the spirit of the family circle".
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Xining 2015 annual clean government accountability assessment work started

From the beginning of November 25th, 67 units directly under the authority of Xining city 8 District three county four in-depth assessment team, to carry out clean and honest examination assessment work, 2015 annual clean and honest assessment work started.

The action is quick and the effect is remarkable Chengdong Branch actively carry out the comprehe

Recently, the East Branch of the area of public security according to the actual, combined with the summer event security work plan, based on their own, find the position, on the area of security mess difficult area, focus on carry out the inventory of remediation work, substation and formed a full police participation, complementary advantages, the overall linkage, work together to tackle "strike, prevention, pipe, control and propaganda" new pattern

recently, according to the actual area of the East Branch of public security, combined with the summer event security work plan, based on their own, find the position, on the area of security mess difficult area, focus on carry out the inventory of remediation work, substation and formed a full police participation, complementary advantages, the overall linkage, work together to tackle "fight, prevention and management and control, a new pattern of propaganda". Through continuous fighting, successfully cracked 1 drug trafficking cases and arrested 1 suspects and seized 87 grams of heroin; uncovered 1 cases of illegal detention case, arrested 3 suspects; uncovered 2 cases of theft, arrested 2 suspects; destroyed 1 drug gangs, captured drug illegal personnel 4; inventory of various places 189, effectively safeguarding the area of social order and stability. read more

Xining local tax collection and management system operation training class

The day before, the Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau organized two "information management system" of Qinghai province local taxation training, focus on a detailed explanation of the system application and operation in the process of doubts and difficulties and practical skills etc.

days ago, the Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau organized two "information management system" of Qinghai province local taxation training, focus on a detailed explanation of the system application and operation in the process of doubts and difficulties and practical skills etc.. The city’s land tax system nearly 80 business backbone participated in the training. The training to further accelerate the pace of the construction of the city’s land tax system, standardize the operation of information management system, improve the level of grassroots computer application has played a very good role in promoting students to reflect good. read more

Xining science and technology culture and health in 2013 three rural start

Xining Datong County Bureau of Commerce and industry to help farmers sell unmarketable 500 thousand

  with the party’s policy of deepening the rural peasants, vegetable base in Datong county such as surrounding areas like bamboo shoots after a spring rain has been the rapid development of vegetable planting area increased, vegetable varieties will be enriched.

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Xining looks forward to a whole city love action

In the city hit the city of Xining, we need a city charity action. Today’s launch of the sunflower love action to the city to give each person a hands-on love provides a platform.

we need public welfare activities and volunteer service, because every era needs some upward spirit to nourish public life. Human civilization is a process from harmony to harmony.

Xining has emerged numerous volunteers as a cause of public service, they have love, responsibility, for the community to create well-being, but also to achieve a wonderful life. Yan Liping established taxi brother Lei Feng love team is more than ten years as one day to do public service activities, they moved to love many people in Xining. read more

Huangzhong County Public Arts Festival preparatory work in an orderly manner

Huangzhong County, the first "Arts Festival" will be held from July 23rd to August 25th

County, Huangzhong, the first "Arts Festival" will be held from July 23rd to August 25th. In order to do a good job in the first session of the Arts Festival, the county to take effective measures to ensure that the festival preparatory work in an orderly manner.

– highlight the theme. to "humanistic Huangzhong, sacred tourism" as the theme, showing the Kumbum Monastery Buddhist culture cultural charm and sports activities, to build the Huangzhong county sports activities to further enhance Huangzhong cultural brand, brand awareness and influence. read more

Datong County urban and rural residents pension insurance leading group comprehensive supervision o

to ensure the successful completion of the 2012 urban and rural residents pension insurance target, September 5th to 11, Datong County Rural Residents pension insurance Leading Group Office of the county’s 20 townships (community) the new agricultural insurance, the city ranks the work carried out a comprehensive inspection.

inspection team to send a message to each one, send policy, send experience, and field view of the new agricultural security convenience service hall. 2012 Bulletin of urban and rural pension insurance renewal and number reduction situation. This paper introduces the advanced work experience of some new rural agricultural insurance, and emphasizes the objective and task of urban residents and farmers. And township leaders, the new agricultural insurance co hosted the forum, in particular the urban and rural pension insurance collection measures in detail, the existing problems of a comprehensive understanding. Inspection team noted that the work of the new township agricultural insurance work in the next step to consolidate the results of the article, in the promotion of efforts to expand the face, in the optimization of the service effort, to promote the effectiveness of standardized management. read more

83 provincial units set off a tree boom

after a night of spring rain, the air in Xining has become particularly fresh, located in the village of the village of Fu Tong Tang River Green Road presents a fiery scene of labor. April 15th early in the morning, from the provincial forestry department, the Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry, the provincial environmental protection department and other 83 units of more than 400 cadres and workers, gathered here for voluntary tree planting, set off a wave of tree planting. read more

Finance and poverty marriage to carry out credit rating farmers in our province can rely on their ow

as a service three rural financial main force and poverty alleviation and development of financial services Bank, Qinghai province rural credit cooperatives, financial poverty alleviation and construction of rural credit together, farmers do not need any collateral, by virtue of their own "credit" loans. Moreover, with the credit rating, the amount of loans can continue to improve. Thus, our province farmers become channel users, at ease farmers’ loans at the same time, the rural credit environment can be significantly improved. read more

2016 Qinghai Finance Forum and Free Trade Zone Chinese enterprises going out forum held in the summe

6 7, sponsored by the provincial government, the provincial finance office hosted the Qinghai Finance Forum and the free trade zone of Chinese enterprises in the "going out" forum of the 50 forum held in Qinghai Convention Center in. Provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining, governor Hao Peng, the provincial CPPCC Chairman Ren Qing Jia, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee Wang Jianjun attended the meeting, Provincial Standing Committee and executive vice governor Zhang Guangrong for the closing speech, the provincial Party committee, propaganda minister Zhang Ximing presided. read more

People’s Congress visited North year work

September 18th, Zhang Xiaoxian Zhang Lixin of the two District People’s Congress, deputy director of the organization’s inspection in the north part and key environmental protection work model. Deputy District Wanrong in 2012 year long north and key environmental protection work of the District Committee, vice mayor report, Jiang Lianshi accompanied the inspection personnel at the scene to see a group of " coal gas; " governance, comprehensive improvement of emission reduction projects and rural sewage treatment renovation project progress, coal fumes, and held the inspection work discussion meeting.
at the end of the conference committee, vice mayor Jiang north Lianshi summarized, said the next step will be for members of the problem, implement the work. read more

Municipal Health Bureau held a report on anti corruption work

the afternoon of June 3, 2011, the Municipal Health Bureau held a report on the work of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the global system, from 8 units of the discipline committee, bureau of discipline inspection group group group on the first half of the units to carry out a clean government and anti-corruption work progress. Bureau Party committee Comrade Zhan Jinyuan chaired the briefing.

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College entrance examination began to send letters

In July 16th, province admissions college admission and enrollment fraud, prevent complex voluntary send reminder to the students and parents.

* candidates can log in Qinghai recruitment information network query admission results, but also through the college admissions website query results, or call the school admissions office Tel.

– college entrance notice in accordance with the college entrance examination in accordance with the college entrance examination to provide the contact address, in July 10th began to send, please check the majority of candidates. read more

Bus driver Xining public transportation three branch good deeds Report

2011 January 6 afternoon, the city bus company, the three branch of the office of the nine phone rang, "hello! Is it a bus company? 23 road is not you tube? I am a passenger, I want to tell you one thing, one of your 23 drivers for the elderly service attitude is very good, I would like to praise him!".

originally, 6 January afternoon, Mr. Yang to go out to work at Simon passengers sit on a bus 23, the day because of the cold weather, there are few people in the car, when the car driving to the vehicle management station, by the station door at this time, a man of more than and 70 years old people slowly from the front compartment the seat, each arm slowly walked to the back door. Yang said: "the old couple was walking very slowly, it turned out that the old man has a leg disability, so go slow. At that time, he thought: this time the driver will complain that they go too slow, and perhaps curse." All the passengers on the bus looked at the two old people, there are concerns, apathy, impatient, at this time the atmosphere was quiet. At this moment, the driver said: "teacher, do not worry, slowly, we are waiting for you!" What a simple, warm word! Mr. Yang moved, the passengers on the car moved, and some passengers stand up and help the two old man to get off, the mouth of the elderly have been two thank you. Mr. Yang said: "I really did not think the driver would say that, to do this, the bus driver good! Because hurry to get off, I did not remember the license plate number, is a male driver." After the team staff inquiries, the driver is 23 Road No. 16607 car Hou Zhancai comrades! read more

How much money to invest in fast food

The market demand of

Chinese fast food must not say what small, presumably want to enter the catering industry entrepreneurs to have these basic conditions about crystal clear, but one thing we know, although Chinese fast food in the development momentum is now under the age of the Internet is good, but also bring great the market competitiveness, this is the restaurant to face difficulties. As a business venture investors need to maximize their own market competitiveness. Choose the brand is one of the key steps. read more

Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry organizations to participate in college graduates s

Industrial and Commercial Bureau "sponsored by the province to send jobs to college together talent in enterprise" special recruitment of college graduates will be held at the Qinghai National University Stadium, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau organized 84 companies participated in the recruitment fair.
in the special recruitment activities at the scene, 75 participating companies and see the media after their own come to the 9 enterprises in Xining Industrial and Commercial Bureau organization, providing employment post 2646, related to enterprise management, accounting, secretarial, marketing, computer technicians, and other more than and 40 types, a total of 990 people hiring intentions, formal employment 67 people. Invited the National University of Qinghai and other 6 colleges and universities to participate in the recruitment of the top 18 elite recruitment. Participate in the special recruitment activities of nearly 10000 people, on-site promotional materials issued more than 1 copies, 3315 people received counseling. The special recruitment, is the history of Qinghai to participate in many enterprises, large scale, high level, many types of jobs, the employment of post treatment good employment action.

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Tomb Sweeping Day is approaching the forest public security multi pronged fire prevention

March 20th, the reporter learned from the Xining Forest Fire Prevention Command Office, nearly 20 days, a total of all kinds of forests in Xining, barren hills fire from the 50. More than 10 areas in the province has been more than 5 consecutive days of forest fire weather rating.

statistics show that from March 1st to 20, Xining City, there were all kinds of forests, barren hills and fire 50, the grave 28, children playing with fire caused by burning paper 6. March 18th 16, the Qinghai Provincial Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow warning signal forest fire, the province has been more than 5 consecutive days of forest fire weather rating of more than 10, moderate risk, easily lead to forest fires. read more

The introduction of the list before the end of June the burden of the community

In January 6th, the reporter learned from the provincial Civil Affairs Department, to promote the province to reduce community work burden, improve community governance capacity, promote the innovation of grassroots social governance, enhance the level of service for the people, in December 21, 2015, the provincial Civil Affairs Department, the provincial organization department issued the "notice" on the reduction of the community’s work burden improve community governance capacity, in order to reduce our province community work burden, improve community governance capacity to provide the policy support, around the actual introduction of the implementation of the program, and the burden of local directory listing by the end of June 2016, fully completed the task of community burden.

"notice" requirements according to the central and provincial government requirements, effectively solve the problem of the burden of community, community free from heavy transactional work out, ensure enough energy to carry out autonomous and serving the people. Comprehensive clean-up and integration for the working mechanism of the establishment of integrated community extension, compression community oriented inspection and assessment and appraisal standards activities, greatly reduce the community accounting statements, strictly regulate the use of seals community management, integration of community resources information network, accelerate the construction of community public service integrated information platform, promote community public services "one-stop" accept and through regional office.

"notice" urged all localities to combine community work burden, the establishment of community work strict access system. Where is the grassroots people’s government and its departments, mass organizations, neighborhood offices within their scope of matters, not to transfer to the community; all shall be community assistance matters, should be strictly in accordance with the community to assist the government work list management, and provide the necessary funding and working conditions; all events except the working directory list to be entrusted to the community to assist with the community, should be in accordance with the "right of equal consultation, with the responsibility to go with it turn fee, commission service" principle, by the entrusting party and the entrusted community signed a trust agreement, the implementation of the purchase service.

"Circular" pointed out that the development of community relief and improve community governance capacity, is a strong policy, involving a wide range of systems engineering, the relevant functional departments of Party committees and governments at all levels must attach great importance to strengthen the work measures, the formation of working together, earnestly implement the. The "notice" in the annex, the provincial Civil Affairs Department of the provincial Party Committee Organization Department, the existing laws and regulations and the central and provincial government documents as the basis, to tease out the community shall perform the duties according to law and assist matters, performance appraisal standards, work ledger, seal the scope of use five directory list, in conjunction with the actual implementation of the introduction. The list of local programs and reducing the burden before the end of June 2016, fully completed the task of community burden.  
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