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Get Into The Groove: A Review Of Teddy Midnight’s Debut LP, “Velvet Blue” [Full Stream]

first_imgIt is always refreshing to find an exciting new talented band to root for, support and follow.  Based out of Brooklyn, the predominantly instrumental band Teddy Midnight infuses a relentless fresh energy into the scene with the release of their debut LP, Velvet Blue.  The record is a colossal undertaking that leaves an indelible mark on one’s musical soul.  Having dropped on September 7th on their SoundCloud page, all 8 songs of Velvet Blue can be listened to below.Teddy Midnight formed in 2011 and had some modest success, but the game changed when they enlisted guitar maestro, Wiley Griffin, formerly of MUN, last year. Sean Silva (bass), Sean McCauley (keys), Adam Magnan (drums) and Wiley Griffin (guitar) have been garnering new fans in rapid pace and been touring extensively ever since. The band completed a month long residency at Lucille’s at BB Kings in New York, opened for Twiddle at a sold-out Irving Plaza, opened for Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, and recently headlined for the first time at Brooklyn Bowl. They were a highlight of Rock N Roll Resort and performed at many festivals including Disc Jam and The Werk Out. Name recognition is growing as fervent fans share the brilliance of this breakout band. The band is obviously influenced by jamtronica and jam bands like The New Deal, STS9 and Dopapod.The record lures you in from the very first track with the sexy and alluring keys section from McCauley on “Velvet Mist.”  The unique rhythms offer a magical journey reminiscent of Daft Punk meets Gramatik, and is a comfortable way to smoothly begin the album and get into the groove.  A stand-out song is “Turkish Silva” a relentless melodic exploration of new worlds that invokes memory of Lotus’ epic opus “Spiritualize.”  The band’s first video, “Turkish Silva,” also dropped this week and watch it here.This is a quality effort with not one weak link on the song list.  The intense “Tree-O-Tree” written by Magnan, is a powerful romp that takes one on a magic carpet ride amongst the clouds. “Boner Vista Social Club” unfolds deliberately before delving into a crescendo of soothing sounds and melodic lines.  The record is consistently up-tempo and high energy which proves an impetus to foster a danceathon wherever you are. Adam Magnan leads the rhythm section with versatile and nuanced hitting behind the kit, Silva adds bombastic beads on the bass and McCauley knows when to add spectacular fills. Uber-talented Griffin leads with his master finger-picking and varied time signatures and prolific chord progressions. The record induces sensory overload and invites one to escape reality and into a contagious fantasy realm. The debut full-length effort melds the songwriting prowess of Silva, Magnan and Griffin in seamless and effective fashion. This album is one to leave on repeat and just get lost in it – floating for hours.Sean Silva, producer of the record and composer of the majority of songs said, “We wanted to capture the sound of the new lineup, encompassing the personalities and musical tastes of all of us.  We knew the diversity would be hard to capture, and the best way to do that was to be fully involved with every step of the process.” The result is simply breathtaking.For more on Teddy Midnight, including information on their upcoming album release show at BRYAC in Bridgeport, CT on October 1st, head to their Facebook page.last_img read more

Vblock Man – Fighting for the True Converged Infrastructure

first_imgYou’ve no doubt heard of the superhero that has everyone’s hearts, and capes, fluttering with excitement. Only months ago Vblock Man zoomed into Data City, and already incidents involving complicated and faulty infrastructures are on the decline. Vblock Man is striking fear into any IT baddie who dares try to cause chaos in our fair city. As Data City’s award-winning reporter, I was the first to sit down with Vblock Man for an exclusive interview.Charlene Mazza: You began your career as an engineer at VCE. What inspired you to leave your position and get into IT crime fighting?Vblock Man: The truth, Charlene – to expose the truth about the transformational power of Vblock Systems. It all started late one night in the VCE R&D lab. I spilled my energy drink into an experimental Vblock unit and, when I reached in, the force of the true converged infrastructure seized my hand. I lurched back, but the metamorphosis had begun. A bright blue light burst in front of me. I collapsed.CM: But when you woke…VBM: When I woke, I realized the power and intelligence of the Vblock had transformed my body. Within 48 hours, I had the strength, speed and agility of 20 system administrators and I could fly! But I was plagued by the cries from my fellow administrators. I could hear them scream in anger and frustration.CM: You could sense their anguish! How was it possible?VBM: My VCE Vision points the way to faulty, inadequate infrastructures and helps me expose the evil imposters that have been wreaking havoc on the heart of an enterprise.CM: Some people would use that power and influence to benefit themselves. What keeps you in the struggle to solve IT injustice?VBM: “To right IT wrongs and promote product truth, customer justice and the VCE Experience.” That’s my motto and I live by it. I’ve seen a lot of imposters out there, fooling people into believing they offer a converged infrastructure when that’s simply not true. And as long as I have my power of flight, my super strength and speed, and my Vision to sense IT infrastructure trouble, I will keep up the fight.CM: Speaking of imposters, you recently saved the city from the vile “Super Alliance.” What can those of us who don’t have super powers do to protect ourselves from these imposters?VBM: We must educate all of Data City’s citizens about the qualities of a true converged infrastructure. Ask yourself, is your infrastructure engineered, manufactured, managed, supported and sustained as one product? If you answered “no,” I’m afraid you’re dealing with an imposter.CM: You’re fighting a battle as big as my nightly ratings war with that plastic hairpiece from the Evening News. Fortunately you don’t have to go it alone.VBM: Yes! Our IT administrators are rallying together, arming themselves with the knowledge, training and skills necessary to combat imposters. These converged operators hold the same powers I’ve developed – speed, agility and strength – to provide transformative results to Data City’s enterprises.CM: Thank you for continuing the fight for the true converged infrastructure. This has been Charlene Mazza reporting.last_img read more

UAE’s Masdar to build 500MW wind farm in Uzbekistan

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享 Arab Emirates-based renewables developer Masdar has signed an agreement with the government of Uzbekistan to build a 500MW wind project.The agreement, with the Ministry of Investments and Foreign Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan and JSC National Electric Grid of Uzbekistan, covers the design, financing, construction and operation of the wind farm. Commercial operation is expected to occur in 2024.In November 2019 Masdar signed a PPA and government support agreement with the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan to design, finance, build and operate the country’s first public-private partnership solar photovoltaic power plant.Masdar was announced as the winning bidder for the 100MW solar project after tendering the lowest tariff in the programme’s competitive auction.The 500MW wind project and 100MW solar project will help Uzbekistan reach its goal of developing 5GW of renewable energy capacity by 2030.More: Masdar inks 500MW wind deal with Uzbekistan UAE’s Masdar to build 500MW wind farm in Uzbekistanlast_img read more

Peruvian Air Force Develops Two New Drones

first_imgBy Gonzalo Silva Infante/Diálogo August 10, 2017 Esto se tiene que apoyar no solo por la tecnologia sino por la necesidad de tener elementos de avanzada habria que buscar mas apoyo en las diferentes ramas del Ejercito Marina o Aviacion pues es de interes nacional, sale mas economico que comprar un avion de observacion The Peruvian Air Force’s (FAP, per its Spanish acronym) Project Research and Investigation Center (CIDEP, per its Spanish acronym) was created in 1993 to develop flight simulators for Cessna A-37 aircraft. The project was led by officers from the electronic services branch. Following their success, they moved forward with the development of a series of simulators that facilitate training and various exercises for aircraft as well as anti-aircraft systems, rifle firing, and parachuting. Since then, CIDEP has grown and improved its capacities over its nearly 25 years as a FAP unit, stemming, above all, from new requirements and technologies, and from the development of new personnel capabilities. That is how they came to work on drone development or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in 2010. Their UAVs have been undergoing continual improvement all the way to the latest Ricuk (“Observer” in Quechua) and Amaru (“red-eyed serpent” in Inca mythology) models, which demonstrate all of the knowledge acquired in the years that CIDEP has been in operation. “We began with basic models from aeromodelling,” Peruvian Air Force Colonel Miguel Palomino Fonseca, the director of CIDEP, told Diálogo. “Little by little, we were able to integrate a set of systems and equipment that enable us to have an unmanned aerial platform to conduct various activities ranging from aerial monitoring to surveillance, security, and intelligence.” Applied learning Initial support for the Ricuk and Amaru UAVs was generated by the National Council on Science, Technology, and Technological Innovation, which approved the budget for these projects. That is how FAP came to work with the Peruvian Navy in a joint defense project. After four years of work between both service branches and having taken the first steps toward developing these UAVs, they conducted a project between Peru and South Korea in which they produced a simulator for basic pilot instruction and training. For UAVs, they developed Scanner, a drone for exclusive use in education and training. “When these technological knowledge transfer experiences happen, our institution requests that the learning be applied. This means that the knowledge is managed,” said Major Juan Talavera, the head of FAP’s press office. Different scenarios involve action by the Armed Forces, and the natural disasters that routinely happen in Peru demand greater preventive measures. In this regard, UAVs are becoming quite useful tools at a lower operating cost. “We needed an immediate response system that would let us have assistance for natural disasters and do surveillance of the disaster zone in order to have immediate information online. That’s how Ricuk came about,” Col. Palomino said. Ricuk is already operational. Its structure is reinforced with carbon fiber, and it has long-range sensors for surveillance. It can perform flights of up to one hour at an altitude of 500 meters, and it can roam up to 15 kilometers from its control base. Meanwhile, Amaru is still in development. “Since we made this aircraft small, we need to do some tests. We need to put in the motor and simulate the load to see whether it’s able to open the parachute. We have a large group of engineers and other professionals who are supervising these tasks,” Col. Palomino explained. Amaru’s main feature is its autonomy. It flies and lands by itself. It reaches a distance of 50 kilometers [from its base], and it can fly up to 1,000 meters high. It can fly for up to five hours and is equipped with sensors for taking photographs with infrared cameras, which it uses for monitoring, surveillance, and intelligence duties. The aircraft measures 5.17 meters and has parachute equipment that minimizes the potential for damage and the loss of sensors, which are the most expensive part of its structure. Those who work on UAV development at CIDEP are FAP engineers who were trained at the Officer Academy, which offers four science degrees: Aerospace Administration Sciences, Aerospace Systems Engineering, Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering, and Aerospace Electronic Engineering. “At CIDEP, other kinds of projects, such as braking parachutes, are also developed. Each one of them costs $26,000 abroad, but CIDEP developed them for $6,000,” Maj. Talavera said. The principle of continuous improvement “Our next acquisition of a monitoring system will allow us to transmit the image that the drone sees to any point. The goal is to be able to transmit the images to COEN [the National Emergency Operations Center, per its Spanish acronym], in order to grasp the reality of the disaster in real time,” Col. Palomino disclosed. CIDEP seeks to continue training and backing the 70 people who, in their various capacities, are in charge of developing FAP’s science and technology projects. “FAP is continually upgrading. We are an institution where the use of technology is highly developed,” Maj. Talavera added. In order to reach these goals, FAP needs a larger budget, as the knowledge and experience required are on par with other technology development centers. For now, CIDEP is already at work on its next UAV, the Pisco (“Bird” in Quechua), whose official debut is planned for the International Aerospace Show to be held in Chile from April 3rd to 8th, 2018.last_img read more

Eight of the poshest foods we found in a FareShare depot

first_imgTyrrells crisps£1.50 for a sharing pack (150g) Exceedingly English crisps cooked by hand in small batches and made only from the posh tatties sprouting up at Tyrrells Court Farm. This brand only deals in gourmet flavours, with the likes of black truffle, smoked paprika and Dorset sour cream in its range. Hippeas99p per pack (22g) These organic chickpea puffs unashamedly target those ‘modern hippies’ happy to spend nearly three times as much on their snacks as you’d spend on a bog standard pack of Walkers. They can be found on the shelves of Waitrose and Holland & Barrett, as well as securing investment from A-list actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Joe & Seph’s popcorn£4.29 for 90g This popcorn deserves much more love. It’s handmade from air-popped mushroom kernels by a small team of London pastry chefs and rolled in gourmet flavours as delectable as espresso martini, mince pie and salted caramel. Tassimo coffee capsules£4.49 for 16 capsules OK, so Tassimo might not have the A-lister appeal of the George Clooney-endorsed Nespresso, but they’re still the preserve of affluent espresso machine-owning middle classes that would likely be aghast to see their morning cappuccino in a pile of rubbish. Biona coconut oil£4.75 for 100ml ‘Pressed from the flesh of fresh coconuts’ this posh coconut oil can be slathered on skin or spooned into frying pans by health-conscious bakers. And given its 18-month shelf life, it shouldn’t be ending up on the waste pile. Higgidy pies£3.75 for oneBoasting individual pies and tarts famed for their flaky pastry and deeply sumptuous fillings, the Higgidy range retails with a premium price tag – which doesn’t make it immune to ending up as waste. center_img We want food to be eaten – not end up in the bin. Join our campaign and help us lobby government to take action on food waste: It isn’t only cheap cans of baked beans or economy meat you’ll find stored at one of FareShare’s 20 depots across the UK, waiting to be redistributed to charity. Here are eight of the poshest food and drink names we spotted at its East London depot,Fiji Water£17.39 for 12 Filtered through volcanic rock before gathering in an ‘ancient artesian aquifer deep within the earth’ Fiji Water charges a big premium for its ‘soft mouthfeel’ and ‘untouched’ credentials. Bottled can be found clutched in the dehydrated hands of A-listers the world over (as well as in FareShare depots). Delamere goats milk£1.69 per litreDitching cows milk has never been more trendy with coconuts, cashews and even camels all squeezed dry to provide us with dairy alternatives. Goats are no different, with this premium milk farmed from the brand’s very own Cheshire goats. Working with thousands of deserving charities across the UK, all this food was packed up and sent out to deserving homes by FareShare. But currently too much good, edible food doesn’t have the same fate. If you’re #seriousaboutsurplus – like we are – please sign our petition to see 100,000 more tonnes of edible surplus sent to charity.Sign our petition Pledge your support herelast_img read more

Wolf Signs Legislation Authorizing Ride-Sharing in Philadelphia, Urges Long-Term Legislative Solution

first_img Economy,  Government That Works,  Infrastructure,  Press Release,  Transportation Harrisburg, PA – Yesterday, Governor Tom Wolf signed legislation authorizing ride-sharing companies including Uber and Lyft to operate in Philadelphia under a temporary agreement. Governor Wolf has called for legislation permanently authorizing the services in Philadelphia.“I have supported the legalization of ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania, and I believe we should be finding ways to help these companies grow across the commonwealth,” said Governor Tom Wolf. “It is also encouraging that the legislation provides two-thirds of the revenue derived from ride sharing to the Philadelphia School District. I will work to make sure the school district is a primary beneficiary in the final legislation. I was pleased to sign this temporary agreement into law, and I look forward to working with the legislature to finalize a long-term solution to allow ride-sharing in Philadelphia.”Like Governor Tom Wolf on Facebook: Wolf Signs Legislation Authorizing Ride-Sharing in Philadelphia, Urges Long-Term Legislative Solution July 14, 2016center_img SHARE Email Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

IASS pensions settlement causes pre-tax loss at Aer Lingus

first_img“Aer Lingus Limited has also been involved in a separate set of discussions concerning the Pilots Scheme, a single employer scheme for Aer Lingus pilots,” the report added.It noted that, following negotiations with the pilots’ union, a funding proposal for their scheme had been submitted to the regulator in early December.The company also disclosed professional and legal fees of €6.4m in 2014, which it said “principally” related to settlement talks relating to the IASS.Aer Lingus currently faces a lawsuit from the pensioners of the IASS, with a group representing pensioner interests’ threatening a High Court case worth €170m over the benefit cuts suffered by retired workers. Aer Lingus suffered a pre-tax loss on the back of its €190m payment to settle the dispute over the underfunded Irish Airlines Superannuation Scheme (IASS).The Irish flag carrier suffered a pre-tax loss of €180.3m, but would have seen a profit of €72m had it not been for a number of one-off costs, including the €190.7m payment to launch a new defined contribution (DC) plan.The plan will offer benefits to members of the IASS that have seen their future IASS payments reduced as part of the proposal to tackle the more than €700m deficit, which the company was barred from solving through additional contributions.The airline’s preliminary results for 2014 showed that the Pensions Authority had signed off on the IASS funding proposal in late December, with the €190m immediately placed in an escrow account.last_img read more

Functional family home has real wow factor

first_img38 Eldernell Terrace, HamiltonBrayden Larkin of Zephr Industries has designed and built a lot of houses.Yet Blanco, a three-storey monolith cascading down the side of Hamilton Hill, was always going to be extra special, because it was going to be his family home. The hiuse’s cladding is made from a special Scandinavian wood that gives a weathered look.“I designed and built Blanco to how I really wanted to have a house,” Brayden said.“It is a big suspended concrete slab construction. I wanted the structure to appear like it was almost levitating off the side of the hill. I also wanted it to encapsulate the views from each of the three levels.”The use of concrete was always going to create a raw industrial feel, but by introducing soft tones, Brayden has managed to turn Blanco into a warm, family home for himself, wife Jess and their two-year-old son. The house has more than 900 sq m of covered living space.“I always wanted to do like a Palm Springs kind of home, like you would see in California but then I also liked the idea of having a floating pool and fire pit, like you would see in a Bel Air mansion, so I tried to blend the two to create something different.”What is evident is the time and effort that has been put into the design of the five-bedroom home covering more than 900 sq m under roof, which for a minimalist structure has some outstanding details. The use of wood brings a softness to the concrete structure.Take the internal staircase that ascends from the middle, entry level of the house to the master bedroom retreat above. Built with a concrete stringer down the centre, the timber treads extend from either side secured by an invisible metal plate and finished with a metal balustrade.“I haven’t seen stairs like that before, where everything is seamless,” he said.Also on this level is a limestone wall that runs the length of the house.These intricate touches extend outside to the home’s facade, which is clad in a special timber sourced from the Netherlands that has been kiln dried to extract all the water. The suspended pool costed $250,000 to build.“This gives the wood a slightly weathered look that you would normally only ever achieve with time,” he said.Around the back of the house, the pool features lighting that emulates a starry night sky. The lights, Brayden tells me, are the same ones used in a Rolls-Royce car. The limestone wall and concrete stringer staircase.“The pool cost about $250,000 to build because you have 60 to 70 tonnes of water floating in the air above Hamilton Hill, so we had to retain the structure and tie it back into the house to make it look seamless. A lot of work goes into it. I just hope that whoever buys the house can see and appreciate the level of those details,” he says.More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus8 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market8 hours agoWith Hamilton a predominantly heritage suburb characterised by listed buildings, Brayden said he snapped up the last two remaining blocks of land about two years ago. Blanco and Noir, a five-storey show-stopping home Brayden is building a few doors down, will probably be among the last two new homes to be built on the hill. The house has views of the city from every level.For the buyer of this multigenerational home, one thing is certain — they will not have to move again for some time.“I have young children so I had to build a house that would suit that, but I’ve also designed it to be a house that will grow with any family. We have the pool, two living areas and a bit of grass on one level and bedrooms on all three, so you can use as much or as little of the space as you need. Polished timber wood floors feature throughout.“The fact that all three levels are serviced by a lift means you can easily live here until you are 80 or beyond. It’s also super-low maintenance. All the gardens are irrigated with desert-style plants so you literally don’t have to do anything but mow the grass.”While Brayden has thoroughly enjoyed his time at Blanco, he says, as a designer, the itch to move on and build something new never fades.Now, with a new baby on the way, he says the time has come for the family to move closer to his parents-in law in Newport where Brayden will design and build what he is adamant will be their forever home. The building is an architchectural feat.last_img read more

Zika virus ‘scarier’ than thought — US health officials

first_img Tweet 35 Views   no discussions InternationalLifestylePrint Zika virus ‘scarier’ than thought — US health officials by: – April 12, 2016 Share Dr Anthony Fauci, Director of National Institutes of Health (NIH), speaks about the Zika virus during a press briefing in the Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House in Washington, DC, April 11, 2016. (Photo: AFP)WASHINGTON, United States (AFP) – The Zika virus is “scarier” than previously thought, US health officials warned Monday as they urged Congress to unblock funding to fight the mosquito-borne virus linked to birth defects.President Barack Obama’s administration has asked lawmakers for $1.9 billion to boost preparedness and response to Zika, a poorly understood virus which has been linked to severe brain damage in babies — but the request has stalled.Borne by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, Zika has spread quickly to more than 30 places in Latin America and the Caribbean since last year.Rare cases of sexual transmission of the virus have also been recorded.“We absolutely need to be ready … Everything we look at with this virus seems to be a bit scarier than we initially thought,” Anne Schuchat, principal deputy director of the the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told reporters at the White House.“We continue to be learning (about the virus) pretty much every day. And most of what we’re learning is not reassuring,” she added.Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said there were still a lot of unknowns.“Bottom line is we still have a lot to learn,” he said.“And we really do need to learn a lot more, because this is a very unusual virus.”Fauci said he had to draw money from other areas for Zika research, stressing that “we really don’t have what we need.”“If we don’t get the money that the president has asked for, we’re not going to be able to take it to the point where we’ve actually accomplished what we need to do,” Fauci said.“When the president asked for $1.9 billion, we needed $1.9 billion.”Hundreds of thousands of people in the US territory of Puerto Rico could become infected with Zika by year’s end, US health officials have cautioned.center_img Share Sharing is caring! Sharelast_img read more

AquaTrojans Battle Spartans In Swimming

first_imgThe AquaTrojans were back in action on Tuesday against the Spartans of Connersville.  The girls took their first defeat of the season 96-87 while the boys won 107-78.A special congratulations for Alexis deLong and Ethan Ayers-Edds for establishing school records in the 100 backstroke and 1 meter diving for 6 dives.Individual winners include: Jacob Weber-200 Freestyle, 100 Freestyle; Olivia Nixon-200 IM, 100 Freestyle; Alex Ketcham-200 IM; Alexis deLong-50 Freestyle, 100 Backstroke (establishes a new school record for 100 Backstroke); Ethan Ayers-Edds- 1 meter diving (establishes a new school record for 6 dives); Cai Fox- 100 Butterfly; Jackson Ketcham- 500 Freestyle.East Central won 5 of 6 relays on Tuesday.EC girls are 21-1 (13-1 EIAC).  EC boys are 19-1 (14-0 EIAC).Go Trojans!!Courtesy of AquaTrojans Coach Brandon Loveless.last_img read more

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