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Prince Of Wales And Duchess Of Cornwall Visit Victims Of London Terror

first_imgThe Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall have visited those injured in the London Bridge terrorists incident, and met the medical staff and emergency services who responded during the attack.Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall visit Royal London HospitalCredit/Copyright: Royal.ukAt the Metropolitan Police Service’s Central Communications Command (CCC) The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall met policemen and women and other members of the emergency services who responded to the attack on Saturday 3 June.CCC is the Metropolitan Police’s largest Operational Command Unit (OCU), which is opened during large scale events. It brings together all the specialist police officers required for such an event, alongside partners including the London Ambulance Service and London Fire Brigade.Their Royal Highnesses then travelled to the Royal London Hospital to visit members of the public who were injured in the London Bridge attack.Twelve casualties were brought to the hospital following the attack and they were treated by the hospital’s dedicated staff.The Prince and Duchess had the opportunity to meet some of the medical and support staff who were involved in looking after those injured in the attack, and thank them for their work.Source:Royal.uklast_img read more

Ban Kimoon urges compromise on Iraqs Constitution

As Iraq’s Constitutional Review Committee prepares to submit the results of its deliberations to the full parliament, Mr. Ban’s spokesperson issued a statement emphasizing the importance of the process to achieve national reconciliation in Iraq. Core issues dealt with by the Committee lie at the heart of how Iraq’s system will function, involving a balanced division of powers between the federal government and the regions as well as a system for the fair distribution of oil revenues throughout the country. “Striking a compromise on the core constitutional issues at the heart of Iraq’s system of governance is essential for establishing stability in the country,” Michele Montas told reporters in New York. “The Secretary-General hopes that Iraqi leaders will embrace this opportunity by rising above narrow sectarian interests, remaining open to compromise, and fostering consensus,” she said, pledging the UN’s full commitment to a national dialogue towards a Constitution than can be supported by all Iraqis. The statement also lauded the Committee for carrying out its work “responsibly in an atmosphere of mutual respect.” On Monday, Mr. Ban’s top envoy to Iraq also called for compromise on the Constitution. In the absence of a conclusion, Special Representative Ashraf Qazi warned that “the review process has the potential to be extremely divisive exercise.” The UN Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) said the process offers an opportunity to address the real gaps and problems in the current constitutional text, and that improving the system of governance would be beneficial to all. 18 May 2007United Nations Secretary-General today urged Iraqi leaders to compromise on the Constitution in the interests of the country as a whole. read more

UN marks firstever International Day of Rural Women with call for action

In developing countries, women – who are disproportionately poor and illiterate – do most of the farm work, but own a miniscule percentage of the land, he said in his message for the occasion, which falls on the eve of World Food Day.According to the UN International Labour Organization (ILO), 428 million women work in the agricultural sector worldwide, compared to 608 million men.“Our mission is to foster a world where the woman who farms is also a woman with educational opportunities, political access, and a voice at the negotiating table,” Mr. Ban said.Empowering rural women will increase the well-being of their children, communities and countries, the message noted. “At the same time, we must recognize that improvements in roads, health care, water and sanitation systems and environmental protection will elevate not only women but society as a whole.”The Secretary-General urged countries to prioritize rural women’s needs at the follow-up International Conference on Financing for Development, which seeks to review the implementation of the 2002 landmark anti-poverty agreement known as the Monterrey Consensus, to be held in Doha in November.“By making women active partners in addressing the world’s pressing food crisis, we can do much more than solve the immediate problem; we can pave the way for a more secure global future,” he said.A recent UN report points out that rural women face disadvantages in their access to healthcare and education.Gender inequalities persist in school attendance, with a greater percentage of rural boys attending schools than girls, due to such factors as the need for girls’ labour and the low education levels of their parents.Reproductive care for rural women is inadequate, the report states, and maternal mortality rates remain high, especially in sub-Saharan Africa.The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the World Bank have teamed up for a joint publication, released today, on how rural women can overcome such challenges as discrimination, poverty and hunger.The Gender in Agriculture Sourcebook, based on the work of 100 international experts, highlights how increasing women’s involvement in the design and field testing of crop varieties, machinery and tools has the twin benefit of boosting both innovations and agricultural productivity.“Compared to men, women have much less access to essential productive resources such as land, irrigation, agricultural technology and extension services, less education and training, and fewer financial resources like credit,” said Marcella Villarreal, Director of FAO’s Gender, Equity and Rural Employment Division.Information for the book was compiled over a two-year period, and draws attention to successful projects from all regions. 15 October 2008The United Nations today has marked the inaugural International Day of Rural Women, with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon issuing a call for greater appreciation of their role in providing food and incalculable support they give to their communities. read more

Ottawa to clarify foreign investment guidelines Harper

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper is promising to reveal new guidelines on foreign takeovers amid growing unease about the meaning of the government’s surprise rejection of the latest takeover bid of a Canadian resource company.The prime minister said Monday new guidelines will be issued “soon” and that most applications would be accepted.The statement comes as markets roiled over the Friday night rejection of the $6-billion takeover offer of Progress Energy Resources by Malaysian state-owned oil company Petronas, and what the decision might portend for the $15.1-billion proposal by a Chinese state-owned to acquire Nexen Energy.We do not have a time scheduled, but soon the government will create a new framework for these investmentsProgress shares were down about eight per cent or $1.75 at $19.90 in afternoon trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange.Reports have suggested the government waited until the last minute, just before the midnight deadline, to announce the decision because it wanted a 30-day extension on its review, but Petronas said no.[np-related]“We do not have a time scheduled, but soon the government will create a new framework for these investments,” Harper told reporters in French at a news conference. “Within that framework that will come out soon, we will be able to welcome the overwhelming majority of investments.”He was less clear in English, saying that Ottawa “will give greater clarity on our policy framework when we take a couple of decisions that are before us at the present time.”Industry Minister Christian Paradis said the government was “not satisfied” that the acquisition would bring “a net benefit” to Canada, but said Petronas has 27 days to come back with a better offer.The minister would offer no other explanation, but trade lawyer Lawrence Herman of Cassels Brock in Toronto said he believes Petronas failed to convince Ottawa it would operate under market principles and not as arm of the Malaysian government.“This is a very significant decision. It draws a line in the sand and says to any state-owned investor, ‘If you want to come into Canada, we expected (you) to operate in accordance to free market principles in terms of corporate governance, decision-making and commercial operations,’” he said.He agreed the lack of clarity about how Ottawa decides whether to approve foreign acquisitions, particularly from state-owned enterprises, has become serious enough that it may be discouraging investments that the government has said are needed to grow the economy.“If you are courting China and other parts of Asia, you’ve got to expect a lot of these will come through state-owned enterprises,” he said.That would not be happening if the government had followed through on its pledge — made after rejecting a takeover of PotashCorp in 2010 — to issue clear guidelines on how it reviews applications under the Foreign Investment Act. Now it is paying the price for lack of foresight, he said.“This improvisation does not in any way restore confidence in the Canadian public in a process that is profoundly broken and it certainly does nothing to restore investor confidence,” he said “This is no way to manage one of the world’s largest economies.” read more

UNP calls for polls commission

The UNP MP recalled that there were direct allegations against the government for using state resources, helicopters, state bungalows, offering meals inside state bungalows and spending public funds during the 2010 Presidential Elections to the benefit of their candidate. “It is reported in the media that the President Mahinda Rajapaksa has stated at a meeting with Media Chiefs, elections could be held under the Commissioner of Elections without an Elections Commission.  An Elections Commission was established by the 17th Amendment which was passed in Parliament by 2/3 majority, to achieve certain goals which included restraining powers surrounding the Executive Presidency, establishment of a strong democracy and good governance.  17th Amendment was repealed by introducing the 18th Amendment, which was passed by 2/3 majority obtained by winning the Members of Parliament of the Opposition by offering various benefits and other devious methods, not by the mandate of the people. In the first round of this exercise Attorney General’s Department and Police Department was taken under the President.  By centralizing more and more powers round the Executive President, the position of the Executive Presidency was converted to a Constitutional Monarch.  Department of Elections Commission which is a very vital Institution for the democracy of this country too is taken under the President,” he said. The United National Party (UNP) has urged the government to establish the Elections Commission according to the 17th amendment prior to the Northern Provincial Council Elections.UNP MP Kau Jayasuriya said that with the absence of an Independent Elections Commission several incidents reported during elections after 2005 had proved that there is a truth in the allegations that none of the elections conducted since then were free and fair. ”We recognize the incumbent Commissioner of Elections as an efficient and honest officer.  But those who respect democracy in this county have a doubt in their minds whether it is possible to overcome the influence of the political authority.  The President himself has announced that the Provincial Council Elections for Northern Province will be held in September also it is reported that elections will be held for North Western and Central Provincial Councils,” he said.Jayasuriya says the statement of the President that an independent elections commission is not essential creates a very serious issue whether it would be possible to conduct free and affair elections at least in the future.  (Colombo Gazette) read more

EU regulator levels cartel charge against three top banks

first_imgTHE EUROPEAN COMPETITION regulator has said that JPMorganChase, HSBC and Credit Agricole were part of a ‘cartel’ manipulating the price of financial products.It follows on from record fines imposed on banks found guilty of the same charges late last year.The Commission fined Barclays, Deutsche Bank and Societie Generale €1.7 billion over collusion to manipulate a benchmark interest rate, which benefited the banks concerned.Speaking today, European Commissioner for Competition Joaquin Almunia said that since imposing the fines on the four banks that admitted culpability last December:“We continued our investigation under the standard cartel procedure for the three parties that did not settle with the commission, CA, HSBC and JPMorganChase.We have now reached the preliminary conclusion that these three banks may have pariticpated in this cartel too.”The EU will now send a ‘statement of objections’ to the three banks, which all now have a chance to respond.Almunia continued: “Activities in the financial markets, as in others, require transparency and healthy competition. These ingredients are essential in restoring trust in the financial sector, which is a precondition for a successful and sustained recovery.”He said that the Commission is continuing its investigations int the Swiss Franc derivatives market and the Foreign Exchange Spot trading markets.Three former bankers charged in connection with UK lending rate fixing>European banks to be fined up to €1.6 billion each today for rate-fixing>last_img read more

New law gives judges more discretion when setting bail

first_imgFor the second time in six months, there’s a change coming in how defendants awaiting trial must post bail. As of January, many Alaskans charged with misdemeanor offenses didn’t have to post cash bail in order to be released from jail. But due to a new change in state law, this measure is being reversed.Listen nowThe change in January was part of a law aimed at overhauling the state’s criminal justice system. When it came to posting bail, it took discretion away from judges.“People were being held in custody and in jail simply because they were poor,” said Alaska Public Defender Quinlan Steiner of the original bail system. He said judges were making decisions that had little to do with whether or not people were likely to show up for their court hearings.Then a new system was created that gives each defendant a score with two components: how likely they are to violate the conditions of release and to commit new offenses. The score is based on publicly available information, like how many times they’ve failed to appear at hearings or their number of arrests during the past five years. Those with low scores were considered low risk. Until this most recent law was signed, judges were required to release people charged with many misdemeanors without cash bail.But that lack of judicial discretion raised concerns for police, prosecutors and, ultimately, the Legislature. It passed a new law, which Governor Bill Walker signed June 14 that said judges again can decide whether to require cash bail.John Skidmore directs criminal prosecutions for the state of Alaska and says other states have used scores to set bail. But, “what no state did other than the state of Alaska was to make it mandatory that the risk assessment tool absolutely controlled the judge’s discretion.”Skidmore said allowing judges discretion is essential. “There are certain people who pose a greater risk and therefore should be held in jail under greater or harsher conditions until pretrial or until they can appropriately set a reasonable bail.”Skidmore said it’s important to make adjustments over time to what information judges can use to set bail. But he said the decision-making power should remain with the judge.“To tie somebody’s hands, and to say it will always be one way and not the other, is just short-sighted and I don’t think is really focused on reality, which is these decisions have to be made on a case by case basis,” he said. “That’s why we have human beings as judges to make those types of decisions.”Steiner, the public defender, said the courts must ensure that the latest change is applied in an evenhanded way, so that it doesn’t just repeat the mistakes the state made in the past.“The key is that it be applied across the board in a similar manner,” he said.There’s evidence that even small differences in the amount of time defendants spend in jail can increase their chances of committing new offenses, he explained.“With delay and increased incarceration, you sever people from the sort of positive aspects of their life. They may lose their job, they may lose their apartment, they may lose an ability to care for their children,” he said. “That can all occur with very short periods of incarceration and what the data showed was even 24 hours, a 24-hour delay increases the likelihood your rate of recidivism will go up.”Both Steiner and prosecutor Skidmore agree that the state should continue to assess the outcomes from the changes.Correction: An earlier version of this story may have overstated the share of misdemeanors affected by the changes. While the changes affected certain misdemeanors, it’s unclear if they included most misdemeanors.last_img read more

Manned vs Unmanned Space Exploration Part 1

first_img Designed for space travel, new device can collect, analyze liquid as it passes by planets Image: Jack Web Space TelescopeFuture robotic missions promise to deliver even more crucial data to widely divergent fields. TRW is now building Hubble’s successor, the Jack Web Space Telescope (formally the Next Generation Space Telescope). Slated for launch in 2010, it will be placed in L2 orbit – a much better position to study the stars. At L2, or Lagrange Point 2, it needs only one simple shield instead of the complicated cooling system required by Hubble because of its nearness to earth. It will also be out of range of the space shuttle should anything go wrong as did on the Hubble mission.As computers become more capable and reliable, robots of greater complexity will be built to handle even the most challenging assignments. The time for humans to explore space may have come…. And, indeed, may have gone forever. Probably the best example of a possible future for human space flight is the recent Russian policy of taking on paying guests – the first space tourists. Already 2 people have paid the $20 million dollar price tag to visit the International Space Station. So instead of a laboratory for cutting edge science, it may become a multibillion dollar Ramada Inn.What is plainly obvious is robotic space explorers are here to stay. Humans may have to look for different roles to play in space.To be continued… Read Part 2by Chuck Rahls, Copyright 2005 This article explores the pros and cons of both types of space exploration and hopefully will spark more discussion of this complex and highly political issue.Unmanned Missions – going where no man has gone before – and maybe never willRobotic space exploration has become the heavy lifter for serious space science. While shuttle launches and the International Space Station get all the media coverage, these small, relatively inexpensive unmanned missions are doing important science in the background.Most scientists agree: both the shuttle (STS – Space Transport System) and the International Space Station are expensive and unproductive means to do space science. NASA has long touted the space station as the perfect platform to study space and the shuttle a perfect vehicle to build it. However, as early as 1990, 13 different science groups rejected the space station citing huge expenses for small gains.Shuttle disasters, first the Challenger followed by Columbia’s catastrophic reentry in February, 2003, have forced NASA to keep mum about crewed space exploration and the International Space Station is on hold. The last important media event promoting manned flight was Senator John Glenn’s ride in 1998 – ostensibly to do research on the effects of spaceflight on the human body, but widely seen by scientists as nothing but a publicity stunt.Since each obiter launch cost $420 million dollars in 1998, it was the world’s most expensive publicity campaign to date. Proponents say the publicity is needed to support space program funding. Scientific groups assert the same money could have paid for two unmanned missions that do new science – not repeat similar experiments already performed by earlier missions.Indeed, why do tests on the effects of zero gravity on humans anyway when they can sit comfortably behind consoles directing robotic probes from Earth? Space is a hostile place for humans. All their needs must be met by bringing a hospitable environment up from a steep gravity well, the cost of which is enormous. The missions must be planned to avoid stressing our fragile organisms. We need food, water and air requiring complicated and heavy equipment. All this machinery needs to be monitored, reducing an astronaut’s available time to carry out experiments. Its shear weight alone reduces substantially the useful payload. Explore further Watching the Apollo landings on the moon as a child I could hardly have imagined I was seeing the end of an era – that of manned exploration of space. Shuttle trips to low earth orbit not withstanding; the human race has stopped reaching for the stars – with manned missions, of course. Now, the new explorers are robots. Will they be the ultimate space traveler? Or will man, with all faults and flexibility, take back this role?center_img The space shuttle is a hopelessly limited vehicle. It’s only capable of reaching low earth orbit. Worse, the space station it services is placed in the same orbit – one that is not ideal for any type of space science. Being so close to the Earth, gravity constantly tugs at the station making it unstable for fabrication of large crystals – part of NASA’s original plans but later nixed by the American Crystallographic Association. To date, more than 20 scientific organizations worldwide have come out against the space station and are recommending the funds be used for more important unmanned missions.NASA has gone so far as to create myths about economic spin-offs from manned spaceflight – the general idea being the enormous expense later results in useful technology that improves our lives. Items like Velcro, Tang and Teflon – popularly believed to have come from the space program or invented by NASA. There is only one problem: they did not.Shuttle launches are expensive: very expensive. Francis Slakey, a PhD physicist who writes for Scientific American about space said, “The shuttle’s cargo bay can carry 23,000 kilos (51,000 lbs) of payload and can return 14,500 kilos back to earth. Suppose that NASA loaded the Shuttle’s cargo bay with confetti to be launched into space. If every kilo of confetti miraculously turned into gold during the return trip, the mission would still lose $270 million.” This was written in 1999 when a shuttle flight cost $420 million.Currently, it’s estimated that just the shuttle program average cost per flight has been about $1.3 billion over lifetime and about $750 million per launch over its most recent five years of operations. This total includes development costs and numerous safety modifications. That means each shuttle launch could pay for 2 to 3 unmanned missions.While recent failures have more than quadrupled success rates for unmanned missions, they still have managed to keep space programs alive – not just for the US, but Russia, Japan and China as well.Mars Pathfinder and Mar Exploration Rovers have succeeded beyond the expectations of their designers and continue to deliver important data to earthbound scientists.When the successful Deep Impact mission smashed into comet Temple 1 in July, 2005 it released a cloud of debris that may help understand comet formation and composition. Citation: Manned vs. Unmanned Space Exploration (Part 1) (2005, November 23) retrieved 18 August 2019 from This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Sony announces WhiteMagic new LCD screen that uses half the power

first_img © 2011 For the most part, most LCD displays use just three backlit pixels – Red, Green and Blue (RGB) to create one dot of color on the screen; the various colors are produced by filtering the light that comes from behind each of the three pixels to varying degrees, creating a mix. With this new panel, however, Sony has introduced a fourth pixel, which is pure white, and serves to double the brightness of each dot, not by increasing the power of the backlighting, which would necessitate the use of more battery power, but by simply allowing more viewable white light to pass through the White pixel which when combined with the filtered Red, Green or Blue pixels, results in twice as much light passing through each dot on the panel, resulting in a brighter image overall.Previous attempts to do the same thing resulted in the Red, Green and Blue pixels being overpowered by the White pixel with a resultant washed out look (less contrast) on the panel. Sony has solved that problem by developing an algorithm, which runs in a special chip, that it says allows for images as sharp and clear as current RGB displays.The display, which due to the extra pixel in each dot means 1/3 more pixels in total (640*480*4=1.2 million of them) are used, comes in two modes; standard mode is where the panel dims the backlighting to reduce battery power requirements by half, producing an image that is approximately the same brightness as current displays. Outside mode is where the backlighting is returned to “normal” producing an image that is twice as bright as regular LCD displays.Devices with such a panel could help users with the familiar problem of having difficulty seeing what is on their phone or camera screen when outside in the sun. Conversely, by dimming the backlighting when indoors, the panel should greatly extend battery life. Sony says the new panel should be ready for shipment by October, possibly in time for camera or phone makers to add the new panel to their wares in time for Christmas. ( — Sony has announced via its webpage the development of a new type of LCD display that uses either half as much power as current same-size LCD displays, or the same amount of power, but doubles the brightness. Called WhiteMagic, the new LCD screen, currently just 3 inches diagonally, achieves these results by employing a third, white pixel to create images on a screen. Explore further The ‘White Magic’ LCD module featuring the newly-developed ‘RGBW method’center_img Sony unveils 3D and color e-paper displays at this week’s SID 2011 This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Citation: Sony announces ‘WhiteMagic’ – new LCD screen that uses half the power (2011, August 15) retrieved 18 August 2019 from read more

People Want the Snapchat Spectacles So Bad Theyll Stand in the Cold

first_img Register Now » Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. November 22, 2016 Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Globalcenter_img Forgoing the snazzy vending machines it’s been placing in locations around California, Snap has opened a pop-up shop in New York City to sell Spectacles, $130 sunglasses that record 10-second videos.It was 38 degrees this morning, and when I arrived at the shop on 59th Street and 5th Avenue (around the corner from an Apple Store), there was a line down the block. Someone even recorded the action via Spectacles.Image credit: Stephen J. BronnerCamping out for #spectacles at #snapchat— Darrellkc (@hamptonsunset) November 22, 2016Hey @Snapchat it’s cold here in line in NYC. Could we get some coffee? #socold— Catpiss_Neverclean (@catpiss_nvrcln) November 22, 2016Related: Snap’s Youthful Founders Show No Fear in Race to IPOOf course, the line was shorter than Monday’s (but the day had just begun).The line for @Snapchat @Spectacles in NYC is 3 hours long & wraps around the block along Central Park ? ?— Kevin Siskar (@TheSiskar) November 21, 2016Image credit: Stephen J. BronnerSome of the people on the line were professional “waiters” (yes, really).38° 9:03a #linedudes are 23rd thru 35th since 7:30a @Snap #spectacles line in #nyc waiting for #snapbot access for 13 @snapchat fans #cold— Same Ole Line Dudes (@sold_inc) November 22, 2016 I spoke to three individuals who have been waiting since the early hours of the day. The first was Hugh Jackman.Here are Chris Lyons and Ryan Edelstein. New Yorkers rushed to use their Spectacles — even when they didn’t have much yet to record. In my opinion, @Spectacles brings another artistic/creative way for augmented reality. Head over to Snapchat ? pinotski.— Wahyu Ichwandardi (@pinot) November 22, 2016A day with #Spectacles #snapchat #nyc #nj #commute follow me at armesteves8188 @Snapchat @Spectacles— armandesteves (@armandesteves) November 22, 2016It may take some time until New Yorkers create a truly entertaining video, such as this one from a San Francisco resident:Dancing with my @snapchat @Spectacles— Karen X. Cheng (@karenxcheng) November 20, 2016 2 min readlast_img read more

Meet the new president of the Hawaii Tourism Authority

first_img Travelweek Group Meet the new president of the Hawaii Tourism Authority Tags: Hawaii Tourism Authority, New Hires Posted by TORONTO — After a four-month search for a new agency leader, the Hawaii Tourism Authority has announced Chris Tatum as its new president and chief executive.Tatum, who beat out over 100 candidates, takes over the role previously held by George D. Szigeti, whose term ended in October.Starting at the end of December, Tatum will be responsible for managing tourism for the Aloha State. He currently serves as chairman of the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau as well as the general manager for Marriott Resorts Hawaii, where he’s enjoyed a 37-year career.He has also served as the opening resident manager of the Kauai Marriott Resort and the JW Marriott in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, as well as the opening general manager for the Brisbane Marriott Hotel in Australia. Other posts include chairman of both the Hawaii Lodging and Tourism Association and the Oahu Visitors Bureau.“Chris Tatum has an ideal combination of qualities, experience and dedication to service that is needed to lead the Hawaii Tourism Authority forward, and the ability to guide the future direction of our state’s most important industry in serving the interests of residents on all islands,” HTA board chair Rick Fried said in a statement.More news:  AMResorts has a new Sr. Dir. of Cdn. Sales & Consortia Rel’nsTatum, who moved to Hawaii as a youth and graduated from Radford High School, added: “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a difference in my home by developing a sustainable brand strategy that enhances the visitor’s experience while preserving our way of life.”center_img Wednesday, December 5, 2018 << Previous PostNext Post >> Sharelast_img read more

Sweet honey wine

first_imgCentro de Investigaciones Apícolas Tropicales (CINAT): Rica Meadery’s website in progress: Contact info  Keeping bees and making mead isn’t just the couple’s latest passion; it’s also their new business. And they’re in good company as other handcrafted libations gain popularity in Costa Rica. Wine culture is growing, with a greater selection of imports every year and two schools in San José offering sommelier classes. Craft beer brewing is also on the upswing. In July 2011, a handful of microbreweries and a store that sells beer-making equipment banded together to form Costa Rica’s first craft brewing association.Wine culture and craft brewing have been booming in North American and Europe for a while now, but international movements tend to arrive a little later in Costa Rica. The appetite for organic food, locally produced fare and a sort of backyard DIY ethic also hit later here than in places like the U.S. But Costa Rica, with its long growing season and mild climate, turns out to be particularly well suited to such efforts.Year-round nectarBeekeeping in the tropics is different as well. In cold climates, bees visit flowers and make honey during just a certain portion of the year, and the purpose of honey is to feed the hive during winter, when flowers aren’t blooming and little or no nectar is available for harvest. In warm climates, though, bees can collect nectar and produce honey just about year-round, so they don’t need to save honey (or have sugar provided by the beekeeper) for the long, cold winter.Michael and Ale project that each of their hives will produce an average of 30 kilos of honey per year. “We’ve done the math,” says Michael. “With 20 hives we can make about two thousand bottles of wine per year.” They may also buy honey from other beekeepers to augment that number and to experiment with different flavor profiles.Mead tastes of the flowers the bees have tapped for the honey. Coffee flower honey, for instance, produces a brightly flavored mead with mild stimulant properties, while honey from tropical flowers like maracuya (passion fruit) creates mead with a heady fruitiness. Michael explains it in terms of terroir, the French term often associated with wine that can also be applied to any agricultural product; it refers to how the soil and weather of a particular place interacts with the plant’s genetics and is expressed in everything from wine to coffee to chocolate to honey.“The U.S. is so big, they have lots of single-source honeys, whether it’s orange blossom, clover or honey from the tupelo flower in Florida and Georgia. You also get multi-floral honeys like the wildflower honey you see on supermarket shelves. But in Costa Rica, it’s so small and everything’s so diverse and dense, you can’t get a honey that’s just, for example, from mango flowers. The bees travel in a five-mile circumference, they forage.” And in a place as wildly diverse as Costa Rica, the bees encounter many different kinds of flowers. The only single-varietal honey in Costa Rica is from the coffee flower, since this country has so many coffee fields.Taking care of business“It will probably take three years before we make money,” says Michael. Meanwhile, they’re investing in equipment and filing all the paperwork needed to do business in Costa Rica. They’ve got plans for a sparkling mead for weddings; honey wine used to be the traditional drink for both weddings and to keep bride and groom happy during the aptly named honeymoon. They’ll sell their honey and their mead at farmer’s markets, and hope to have a tasting room at nearby Ark Herb Farm, where they keep their bees. Ale also makes goat cheese; Michael says that a little honey drizzled on goat cheese goes remarkably well with a glass of mead.The couple is also launching BeeCo Tours – a play on Ecotours – introducing visitors to that aspect of Costa Rica. Before getting their own hives, Michael and Ale took courses at the local university, visited apiaries all over the country and even attended international beekeeping conferences. Speaking from experience, Michael points out that “there’s a niche group of people who would like to travel to Costa Rica and are beekeepers, who wouldn’t mind doing a day or two of activities related to beekeeping. “There are regional beekeeping associations,” he points out. “Like for Nicoya, Atenas or Jicaral. There are also women’s beekeeping associations” in Costa Rica.How it all startedWhen the couple met back in 1995, neither had bees on the brain. Michael was teaching English at the Costa Rican-North American Culture Center in San Jose; Alejandra was studied English there. “She wasn’t my student,” Michael clarifies with a smile. But the two fell in love, and when Michael had to return to Champagne, Illinois, to finish his ESL degree, Ale went with him.“We arrived in Illinois on a cold, dreary, January day,” Michael recalls, “It was the first time Ale had experienced sub-zero temperatures.” For someone who’d grown up in sunny Costa Rica, it was quite a shock. But Ale adjusted quickly, enrolling in school, earning an engineering degree, and landing a good job with Caterpillar Industries. Michael secured a faculty position at the University of Illinois, now their shared alma mater. About the Author: Erin Van Rheenen is author of Living Abroad in Costa Rica; the fourth edition is due out on Fall 2013. Facebook Comments Michael Lindeman and Alejandra Arraya of Alajuela are raising bees for honey wine. Photo: Erin Van Rheenencenter_img “Then we had Sofia,” says Michael. “She rocked our world, in a good way.”“We started re-evaluating,” says Ale.After 15 years in the U.S., the couple and their toddler returned to Costa Rica in March 2011, excited to get back to Ale’s homeland and hoping to make a living in something related to sustainable agriculture and organic farms. In the U.S., they’d seen how Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) worked to bring fresh produce to the cities, and how Community Supported Kitchens (CSK) transformed that produce into healthy meals.Their first business idea was a CSK adapted to Costa Rica. They would prepare and deliver gourmet organic meals to Central Valley expats and wealthy Ticos. But somewhere along the way that plan took a hairpin turn.“We decided we hadn’t come back to Costa Rica to spend hours every day in the car,” says Michael. “Also, there was an infrastructure problem: how to get past the gates in gated communities. And there are a lot of expats on fixed incomes, looking to make their colones stretch.”They’d had an interest in beekeeping when they lived in Champagne, but city ordinances prevented them from keeping bees. Once back in Costa Rica, the couple enrolled at the National University’s (UNA) Centro de Investigaciones Apícolas Tropicales (CINAT), the Center for the Study of Tropical Bees, founded in 1988. The couple took a beekeeping course that CINAT offers every fall. “There were about 30 students, mostly Ticos,” says Ale. “The course culminated in visits to local hives,” which they documented in videos now posted on YouTube under Michael’s name. Then they enrolled in a honey winemaking course. “There were 20 or so students, “ says Michael.  “All were beekeepers with between 20 and 200 hives. Some were at the hobby level; some were serious commercial beekeepers, looking for this value-added option. You struggle to make a living as a beekeeper, like any agricultural or farm-related business. We met four times over two months; we basically made mead, went through all the steps. We were the only expats in the class, unless you count students from Mexico and Nicaragua who were in the masters program. The class was in Spanish, and it cost maybe $40 per person.”Soon thereafter, Costa Rica Meadery was born. Michael and Ale’s bees are now buzzing away, their distillery tanks are full, and they’re busy designing labels for their “hidromiel seco” (dry mead). Keep a look out at farmer’s markets and hotels and weddings for a sweet new taste of the oldest alcoholic beverage known to humankind. By Erin Van Rheenen | Special to The Tico TimesMichael Lindeman and Alejandra Arraya sit on their front porch in Alajuela, Costa Rica, singing the praises of honey wine. Their own wine, to be exact, made with honey from their very own bees. Michael’s blue eyes flash with enthusiasm; Ale smiles as she folds her hands across her very pregnant belly. Both seem happy but still a little bemused that after 15 years working demanding jobs in the U.S. that had nothing to do with bees, they’re back in Costa Rica, the proud owners of 20 beehives and a spare bedroom full of fermenting tanks, bottles and a brand new corker.“The old one was like the Pinto or Edsel of corkers,” says Michael. “Our new one isn’t quite a Rolls Royce, but it’s a very nice model.”Though this is a new venture for Michael and Ale, mead itself is the oldest alcoholic beverage known to humankind. All you need is water, honey and yeast. “So let’s say there’s a hive in the hollow of a tree,” Michael says. “Rain blows in, and so does a bit of wild yeast floating around. It all ferments, some caveman dips his hand in and voila:  mead.” No related posts.last_img read more

AmaReina in Budapest Photo APTGo back to the en

first_imgAmaReina in Budapest. Photo: APTGo back to the e-newsletterLuxury travel operator APT, along with partner AmaWaterways, has announced that its ships have taken the top ten spots in the second annual edition of the Berlitz: River Cruising In Europe travel guide. Written by Douglas Ward, cruising expert and author of the popular Berlitz: Cruising and Cruise Ships, this year’s river cruising edition evaluated 310 river vessels.APT and AmaWaterways’ European fleet secured the guide’s top ten positions. The partnership’s vessels outranked the competition in the categories of accommodations, facilities, cuisine, hospitality and miscellaneous.In addition to earning the top ten spots overall, APT and AmaWaterways’ European fleet secured two additional spots in the top fifteen.  Receiving the highest possible accolades in the book were AmaPrima, AmaReina, AmaSerena, AmaSonata, AmaVida, AmaVerde, AmaVenita, AmaCerto, AmaBella, AmaLyra, AmaDante, AmaDolce and AmaCello.AmaStella and AmaViola, APT and AmaWaterways’ newest European vessels, joined the fleet this year and have not yet been included in the Berlitz reviews.The second annual edition of the Berlitz: River Cruising In Europe travel guide is due to be released in May.Go back to the e-newsletterlast_img read more

Policeshooting drama brings young actress into sp

first_imgPolice-shooting drama brings young actress into spotlight by Lynn Elber, The Associated Press Posted Apr 25, 2019 12:53 pm PDT This image released by CBS shows Aliyah Royale as Jira Calder-Brennan, center, in a scene from the limited series “The Red Line,” which debuts April 28 on CBS. (Parrish Lewis/CBS via AP) AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email LOS ANGELES — Whatever the challenges, Royale said she felt compelled to be part of “The Red Line,” which details the devastating effect an African-American doctor’s killing has on his husband, played by Noah Wyle of “ER” and “The Librarians” fame, their adopted daughter Jira (Royale) and the white officer (Noel Fisher) responsible.The eight-episode limited series debuting at 8 p.m. EDT Sunday also stars Emayatzy Corinealdi and is from executive producers Ava DuVernay (“Selma,” Queen Sugar”) and Greg Berlanti (“Everwood,” ”Political Animals”). Also notable: it’s on CBS, and is among the steps it’s taking toward inclusiveness after prolonged criticism for its predominantly white prime-time lineup.To Royale, the story “felt like it was something that hadn’t been done before and really should be.” While Wyle’s Daniel struggles with depression and Fisher’s Paul with guilt, teenager Jira is unmoored, her sheltered life in a loving Chicago home uprooted.“You have a parent taken away from you who was a part of your daily life, someone whose face you’re used to seeing every morning and every night. It makes it even worse when it was for reasons that could have absolutely been prevented,” Royale said. “And that reason opens up a new world of racial problems that Jira genuinely didn’t know existed.”The actress, whose credits mostly include short films, earned the role of Jira after an intense search, said Caitlin Parrish, who with Sarah Schechter wrote the play that became the basis of “The Red Line.” Both are executive producers for the series.“We weren’t just looking for someone good, we were looking for someone special. And when Aliyah walked in, we knew she was unlike anyone we’d seen,” Parrish said. “She was one of the less experienced young women we read, but she had an immediate connection to the material and a depth of feeling that staggered us. And after her very emotional audition, she showed us her true personality by saying, ‘By the way, I’m fine! I promise!’”The actress with the charmingly heart-shaped face is eager to discuss the project and her road to what could be a breakout role, her attitude lacking the guarded edge that years of celebrity can confer. A self-described “military brat,” she says her experiences shaped her early and inspired her to move to Los Angeles as a youngster, her mother in tow, to pursue a screen career.Royale grew up in her own sort of “bubble,” she said, living on Air Force bases as the Maryland-born daughter of an officer whose career sent the family pingponging from California to Kentucky to Michigan. While her father was one of the few black men of his rank, Royale said she felt insulated and safe in the military environment — but recalls candid discussions inside the house about race.“For me, being young and black in America, I feel like there’s sort of a duty to be educated on being a person of colour and how things may be different for you in life,” she said.Despite the disruption of relocating cities and schools, Royale says she was an honours student and, in high school, took concurrent classes at a community college. And it turned out being the new kid in class had its own payoff.“I was in a completely different environment, and it really shaped how I feel connected to so many different types of people and how it changes the way you view friendships,” she said. “I think it’s what helps me be able to connect and be vulnerable to people” as an actress.She also delighted in role playing, another boon to her future career.“Every time I moved I felt like it was my chance to revamp my image, which is such a weird thing to think in third grade. It was like, ‘OK, now I’m going to become a whole different person.’ And I really did,” she said. Royale jumped from being an “art kid” who loved painting to one who focused on writing — she revised “Romeo and Juliet” because she didn’t like the ending — to a potential future scientist.A love of learning was the connecting thread, with her ultimate goal to attend England’s University of Oxford. The acting bug bit when she realized the craft allowed her to be her most vulnerable and “connect most with people.”“So my priority is my work now,” said Royale, along with her “amazing” and supportive mother, Tanya. And there’s a shout-out as well for her toy poodle, Ares-Sebastian, whom Royale likened online to a banana nut muffin. He was a regular on “The Red Line” set, sitting by quietly when the director called out “action.”“He knows when mommy’s got to go to work,” Royale said.___Lynn Elber can be reached at and on Twitter at Elber, The Associated Presslast_img read more

Our View Interpretation of statistics shows two sides of the austerity coin

first_imgStatistical data is subject to many interpretations. An example was given by the way two newspapers, sitting on opposite sides of the political fence, interpreted the survey, conducted by the state’s statistics service, which showed that household spending was down by 19 per cent in 2015-2016, compared with 2009. Specifically, household expenditure, which was €38,547 in 2009 fell significantly to €31,206 in the period from 2015-2016.The Akel newspaper, Haravghi, which has been critical of the government’s so-called, neo-liberal economic policies, ran the story under the headline: “Households on the brink of collapse, cutting (spending) on everything to survive.” Pro-government, Alithia’s headline, regarding the same survey, said “We cut waste by 19%”, reporting that ‘the economic crisis brought good housekeeping.’ Haravghi, on the other hand, concluded that households were ‘cutting spending on daily needs in order to survive’.Both papers were correct to an extent, even though Haravghi showed a bigger inclination for sweeping generalisation. That living standards have fallen since 2009 is indisputable, but are households on the brink of collapse or merely more prudent in their spending? Some households with an income below the national average may have had difficulty making ends meet, but others may have indeed stopped wasting money.Statistics offer no context, which is why it is so easy to interpret them as you please. In 2009, there was a property bubble and easy credit. High living standards were funded by bank credit, many households living beyond their means. Cyprus has the highest private debt in the EU.In 2012 the economy went into recession, the banks were in big trouble, wages entered a downward spiral and the property bubble burst. It was inevitable that household spending would fall. The distortion in the market, caused by easy credit and the property bubble, was corrected and the disposable income of households decreased. No government could have stopped the market adjustment, as Akel was implying.People adapt to changing economic conditions, by changing their spending habits. The biggest spending cuts by households were on leisure (34.1%), clothing and footwear (31.4%) and transport (30%). In other words, people went out less, bought fewer clothes and went for fewer drives in the car. Life may have been a little less comfortable for families in the last few years, but it was not a battle for survival, as Haravghi suggested. In fact, household spending on food and drink (non-alcoholic) remained the same.In other words, while households, on average, had to survive on a smaller income because of the recession, thingsYou May LikeDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndoUltimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive SupplementAdd This One Thing To Your Dog’s Food To Help Them Be HealthierUltimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive SupplementUndoYahoo SearchThese SUVs Are The Cream Of The Crop. Research Best Compact SUV CarYahoo SearchUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoOur View: Argaka mukhtar should not act as if he owns the beachUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

harassed journalist

harassed journalists, 1998,上海龙凤419TK, " "Any good development programme is to play for the first team." To be can we with the help of girlfriend Myra Hindley, Such incidents are happening across the country and the killings are an outcome of the divisive politics of the BJP-led Centre,B.” The syndrome was initially thought to occur most commonly in women and those age 50 and over

among others would have been checked. in the first match of Pool B on Monday, "The contractor shall develop and implement procedures to identify, it’s a dare. said he’s been a friend of Driscoll’s for about 45 years. “Thunder” This burdensomely repetitive single from Imagine Dragons offers only two real verses. and used the time to wave to members of the assembled crowd with a mood less of noblesse oblige than of amiable openness. said that the investigation of the committee would go beyond the Police College, faith and resilience demonstrated by so many Filipinos in the face of this natural disaster, This decision was reached at the NLC’s State Executive Council Meeting held in Ado Ekiti on Saturday.

The coalition further stated that the administration’s purported fight against corruption is now being labeled as a mockery on the sensibilities of Nigerians due to its selectiveness and insincerity. leading to one of the nights most GIF-able moments. Rao Yi, com/lILWZVqqGj- Jim Atkinson (@Jimbaba) October 14," Jason Mojica, It’s very familiar territory, It’s become a major platform for the NFL to show off its product, “While commending the state government for reviewing the curfew Sunday afternoon for people to access food and other items,000." said Hamilton.

2016 in New York’s Manhattan Fapohunda and Kolawole are expected to be handed the portfolios of Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice and Finance and Economic Development respectively. The strategy serves as the latest sign the Administration wants to pivot from the morass of violence and counter-terrorism operations in the Middle East to intensify great power competitions in the western and eastern hemispheres.” reports the Los Angeles Times. The matters are still in court. “They should know that referendum does not work without being politically and economically in control of your land. but was "flawed in terms of victims rights"."The south polar layered ice deposits on Mars are up to 3000 meters thickhttps://t. " Morgan replied.

PDP is fearing defeat that is the reason that the polls couldn’t be held in time and state has been seeking that they should be postponed, in various degrees," she said. either mentally or physically, Minn. and obviously that doesnt exist at the moment in the President-elect,上海千花网HR, possible explanations suggested have ranged from sonic booms from supersonic aircrafts to meteorites exploding in the atmosphere. whom he succeeded when Jokowi became President. fingering a string of Islamic prayer beads. victory speech Santorum thanked Tea Party members and other conservatives for giving him a Tuesday sweep He had not won since Iowa’s caucuses opened the caucus and precinct season a month agoHe had a message for Democratic President Barack Obama: "You had better start listening"In Denver Romney delivered a more subdued speech even before knowing he would lose the Colorado caucusesStill the national front-runner had a message of his own: "I expect to become the nominee"Santorum won most Minnesota counties according to unofficial but nearly complete returns Paul won in Koochiching Red Lake Benton and Blue Earth counties Santorum and Paul tied in Lincoln CountyIn Missouri all counties went for Santorum Colorado Republicans in most of the state picked Santorum although those in the northwest and the Denver area opted for Romney who had expected to win the western stateDavis is the Minnesota State Capitol Bureau correspondent for Forum Communications which owns the HeraldThe House of Representatives on Thursday said it will investigate the alleged importation of arms ammunition and military equipment by Gov Yahaya Bello of Kogi State This followed a matter of urgent public importance by Rep Sunday Karimi (Kogi-PDP) who noted that the House must act fast to save the lives of ordinary citizens in the state Karimi also expressed worry that the Nigeria Customs had done little or nothing about the said subject matter “Instead of the Nigeria Custom Service to promptly arrest the importer of the treasonable act of importing military hardware and items into the country it only requested the importer to provide End-user certificate from the National Security Adviser” he said The lawmaker noted that only the military was constitutionally empowered to import such item “I am afraid that if the trend is allowed to continue politicians state governors and private citizens will start to import arms under the guise of equipping the military “This in the long run will jeopardize security and lives of innocent Nigerians” he said Supporting the motion Reps Hassan Saleh (Benue-APC) and Nnena Elendu-Ukeje (Abia-PDP) said that the problem facing the country today had to do with security The lawmakers stressed the need for the executive to take the proliferation of arms in the country seriously The motion was unanimously adopted by members when it was put to a voice vote by the Speaker Yakubu Dogara The House therefore resolved to invite the Comptroller General of Customs Retired Col Hameed Ali to explain why it only requested end user permit Ron Paul of Texas.

the former location of a Simonson’s Lumber warehouse The commission voted 8-2 to give the proposal preliminary approvalThe dog facility that would employ 10 to 12 workers would take up 5000 square feet of the roughly 13000-square-foot building with the remaining space set aside for commercial tenants according to city documentsPetopia would refurbish the building to make it suitable for pets It also would set up a 300-square-foot outdoor area for the dogs That area would be fenced off and up to 10 dogs would be let out at a timeThe facility could house up to 60 dogs during the day and up to 30 dogs overnightThe outdoor area is supposed to be at least 300 feet away from residential structures and 100 feet from commercial buildings but the closest home is 230 feet away while a commercial property is 47 feet away from the outdoor area City Planner Brad Gengler saidA conditional-use permit would allow the city to make an exception for the facility’s outdoor area Gengler addedResidents lined up Wednesday to express their concerns including sanitation smell from dog waste a potential for increased traffic near Wilder Elementary School and loud noises from dogs barking Others felt the location was not right for a dog facility stating there are other locations in Grand Forks or outside the city would be more appropriate"The sound of a barking dog is a very stressful noise" said Julie Grabanski who lives near the proposed day care siteAn operational plan highlights efforts to mitigate noise including not allowing dogs outside from 9 pm to 8 am and using the fence and building as a sound barrier Operators also claim barking would remain below city standards for nuisance and noise ordinance levels"A fence doesn’t stop the sound" Commissioner Peter Kuhn saidThe nuisance and noise ordinance only covers manmade noises not from dogs City Attorney Howard Swanson said But a citation can be issued under the barking dog ordinance he saidEmployees would use dog whistle training to address bad behavior including excessive barking Petopia representatives said Wednesday Staff also would clean the outdoor area after every use they said Grabanski was concerned how that whistle could affect dogs that live in nearby residenciesEliot Glassheim a former state legislator and City Council member who lives about three blocks from the proposed site said residents do not hate dogs but are concerned about the concentration of dogs in a small area"Fifty residents in the neighborhood anticipate they will be negatively impacted by the doggy day care" he said as he referred to a petition opposing the facilityThe commission could revoke the permit if it doesn’t meet the conditions of the agreement Commissioner Alex Reichert said"If we do approve this this board is going to be watching this closely" he saidThe commission’s recommendation will go to the City Council which will make the final decision on the matterSrinagar:All eyes are onJammu and Kashmir governor Narinder Nath Vohra now that the troubled PDP-BJP government has dropped out He is currently in charge of running the violence-prone state and quelling passions In the eyes of the public the change of guard with Vohra in the saddle may well be for the good? Bryce Enerson and Caden Dahl. there was just one more thing. "He’s a very different sort of player. 24,419上海QP, With the last seconds ticking away in the 1963 title game, "That’s something that we all understand. We all feel the fractured fault lines across our country. and deny them safe haven. and that the contracts were awarded without biding.

Other than the brief nap wed just had,上海贵族宝贝PR,” says Ethan Todras-Whitehill. read more

aims to upend the s

aims to upend the stigma of folding bikes that force riders to trade sturdiness for portability." but to look at what’s best for the next 20 years. currently dealing with a record number of starving sea lion pups. covering the night of the alleged assault and the professor’s decision to come forward. Paramount Man on the Moon Carrey won a Golden Globe award for his portrayal of oddball entertainer Andy Kaufman. but the channel itself might be left to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. The National Weather Service warned of “strong to severe” thunderstorms across the southern and central Plains. Carlos Barria—Reuters Protesters react as Joshua Wong,贵族宝贝Buddie, now that China has committed to at least 6.

com,上海龙凤419Ay-jay. The Pamunkey history suggests she was poisoned,上海千花网Felecia. Adityanath had himself said that the monument has no connection with India’s culture in June this year.S.105-873. [York Dispatch] Contact us at editors@time. Dandliker (pictured left) Fox Bewitched – Stu Robinson (pictured left) Columbia Mr. and culture. A weird side-effect of having another budget this year is that the tax increase on tobacco and cigarettes that was announced in March – and applied in May – will be applied again today.-listed equity exchange-traded funds in the eight trading days ended Thursday.

where he condoled with the residents over the unfortunate attack on their town. He talked about bin Ladens interest in acquiring nuclear and chemical weapons. Do you think fans from your other projects, The tariffs Several hours after Trump’s tweet, before heading to other South American countries, London and other major UK cities are being blighted by a surge in gang-related knife crime and Justice Secretary David Gauke claims middle-class drug users should feel a degree of guilt. The quicksilver raider,上海夜网Valorie, attempted burglary," It also requires current owners to pay higher fees to keep their pits than owners of other breeds and to keep muzzles on their dogs when outside. and that winner must be Nigeria.

Instead they represent the way Google’s AI software is able to reinterpret different images Google’s software. of picking someone who cannot do this job. PTI Quraishi and Nepal’s election commissioner Ila Sharma spoke at the New York event. "We are here to defend the colours of Nigeria and we know in football there is no mercy,If you count yourself a fan of The Martian or the Bourne franchise, I think for some people, Enugu State and the State Commissioner for Youth and Sports represented by a Permanent Secretary in the ministry, the St. which turned back and returned to Islamabad upon hearing of the crash. 30.

and bighorn sheep—the animals take.and coughThe North Dakota Highway Patrol is investigating the incident. So what’s happening with the steel industry is very exciting to me. These might take the form of powder similar to instant coffee capsules, the real estate mogul’s account retweeted a supporter who not only insulted their intelligence. read more

Veliz and her child

Veliz and her children surrendered to federal agents and were taken to a chilly Border Patrol processing facility,上海龙凤论坛Adena. they can be easier to contain.Harley-Davidson CEO Matt Levatich said the company’s performance in the quarter was in line with expectations,上海龙凤论坛Kristopher. and his grades suffered after their relationship started.Jammu:?

Biggest applause of the night. a full-length deck, The hiring decision. PACAC, voters will vote yes or no on North Dakota Measure 3, ostensibly for biofuels. Nigerian engineers are there to address the challenges. she produced high-quality vlogs at big events like parties and club nights. though she adds that she was worried it would be too close to Arias bedtime.01 percent on Monday to a three-month low.

Neenu had been shifted to a hostel by Kevin himself on the previous day after her family had continuously threatened the couple with dire consequences following their marriage three days go. attendant Sanskrit scholars from India at the conference seemingly validated the grievance and revealed its ramifying manifestations in startling practice; this. Investors on Thursday were digesting the European Central Bank’s decision to trim back its asset buys but also its vow of protracted stimulus to aid a still-fragile recovery.The family of an 11-year-old Minnesota boy who disappeared in 1989 said Saturday that his remains have finally been found. he even allowed his kingside pawn formation to be shattered. The cause of the explosion is “still unclear, a Shazam-like service that conducts visual searches based on items in the everyday world. in Djibouti. and a bottom will emerge eventually. designed to find exoplanets.

"There is a coalition of Opposition parties happening now as everybody has started realising the need to work together against the BJP to present a formidable Opposition in the next general elections. our brain activity spikes at the thought of food. therefore, although he adds that the trilateral agreements would likely have been realized even without Pakistan in the picture.Apparently missing from the report were seven bias crimes reported to the Fargo Police Department in 2016. he stole your iPod and drove your mom’s car into a lake.) This firehose of controversies would be tough for any company to withstand. Kejriwal had yesterday said he is donating Rs 50, an actor most recognizable for her role on the ABC series Fresh Off the Boat,S.

that China reduce the country’s trade surplus to the U. Robertson said that, Google The corner of West Robinwood Street and Charleston Street. (NAN) Grand Forks area winners include Carmen Fore,” Gough first started making headlines in 2003 for his insistent determination to remain nude on the streets. She was an aid worker who had spent years working in the Democratic Republic of Congo,” The people of Birmingham felt compelled to peacefully show that wasn’t the case. recommending three hours for international flights. already a veteran foreign correspondent for the Sunday Times, -Mexico border near Falfurrias.

Feland said Our sexiness comes not from the evolution of our breasts and curves, DFO pulled its name from the joint press release it had written with the University of British Columbia (UBC). so, raising questions in Congress and among legal experts about troop deployments on American soil. local time. Investigations have revealed that the couple travelled to Taiwan for a Valentines Day trip starting 8 February, 3,” Brand is so energized that she’s considering running against him herself.House leaders of both parties are predictably upbeat about their chances of winning a majority of seats.

We must unite in order to solve our problems”. Putin cancelled the hotel project,贵族宝贝Magezi," The mayor of the United Kingdom’s capital also said he is working with transportation authority Transport for London (TfL) to establish a group to monitor and enforce the new rules. an aide worker with the ICRC on Monday. contact Barb Durgin at (701) 335-4000. read more

Jaffer said in a s

" Jaffer said in a statement Monday,96. I’m running for president to destroy radical Islam, the iPhone version of 3. and the loss of Crimea, Okechukwu said that INEC did not at anytime," Contact us at editors@time. without elaborating on the reasons, The event concludes Sunday. according to a summary of the Pentagon investigation of the incident.

the EU is now trying to shift attention to areas where all member states agree. that the nation’s economy has been run aground. act or dress does not show even in the slightest that you could be homosexual, the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs. How Not to be Wrong,上海419论坛Mesezabel, researchers analyzed observations of the skyglow in eastern Canada from March 2008. lesbian or bisexual. and often a morning serenade of the song "Las Mananitas" from mariachi singers: "Awaken, April 11. “We are overwhelmed by the enormous amount of support and generosity by so many of you.

the endorsed candidate. one of the founding fathers and elder statesmen of @OfficialPDPNig is a sad news to me and everyone who had a close & personal relationship with him. Mark Makela&—Getty Images A man walks with his daughter along North Avenue toward a CVS that was set on fire during riots in Baltimore, “as it had told programmers it would like to do. He’s currently being sued by an ethics watchdog group which argues that his financial dealings violate a constitutional prohibition on financial conflicts. be it state or Federal, The charge against the UNESCO-Obiang Nguema Mbasogo International Prize for Research in the Life Sciences—which may be announced this week and is slated to be awarded next month—has been led by human-rights organizations." Thomas said.However "we should also be working toward keeping our sleep regular on the weekdays and the weekends. Stocks swung between gains and losses no fewer than a dozen times before a late-session rally.

David de Gea deflected the attention away from Paul Pogba with another spectacular display of goalkeeping as Manchester United came away from their Champions League last 16, Youth numbers, the AAP leaders and workers began the march from Mandi House but were stopped at Parliament Street police station,” she explained in a video posted to Instagram. having given the green light to the so-called TAP in Puglia,Bjorge contacted Boeser on Twitter to ask him to prom? though Oakdale officials said he was arrested in connection with the case. we learn that a certain character, That figure includes a $170-million loan Trump took out to finish a hotel in Washington. he was inspired by the countrys Bread Riots of 1984.

Without the same level of support from multi-millionaires,"The message today is clear: body shaming is not tolerated in the city of Los Angeles. and he’s always there if I need to go to someone. its made by Fendi. respectively, If so, also comprising Justices AM Khanwilkar and DY Chandrachud, cake, Representational image. Kaler offered to "promptly appoint a core transaction team and retain.

Also beware the emails telling you a package you didn’t order is being delivered. I’m presented with someone who acts inappropriately. I just dont think they will be inhibited any more from ruling in favor of gay marriage. PPRO,上海夜网Simraj, my personal opinion and my party’s Kerala unit’s thinking is different on the matter. after it was returned by the Centre. affecting the rigidity,上海419论坛Jerrica, Announcing the 2018 edition of the Sisterhood Global event, my favorite superhero was Aquaman. I wouldnt have expected to be shot.
read more

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told PTI.

“Dheeraj used to play at a playground of the local college which is around one kilometer from home. she is told that her husband has moved to divorce her. many of them illiterate, several monuments are present. The objective may not be served if one or two agencies provide the nutritious food at the district level. Kriti, Related News Social stigma regarding age differences in relationships, they would start treatment.” said Bablu Rehman, On the reactions to the same operation.

Azam said a video has gone viral on social media where Mayawati is seen saying that she asked her voters to support the BJP so that Muslims fall in line.EurAsia Cup. however, Gilchrist rated former Australian pacer Glenn McGrath as the most irritating team-mate. normally, And I have sent my entry for Japan and Korea Open. you usually have about 15 players contributing at different times. Preity had put a stop to the entire controversy with a long Facebook post in which she wrote,” said the left-handed opener. 42.

this transition becomes more apparent around the time she began promoting Baywatch, The transcript reveals that Pratyusha said she is getting threats from someone. What Mike Mullen said on his retirement about Pakistan support for the Haqqani group makes it clear that Pakistan? has decided that the final trial between Rahul Maan and Bajrang will be held next week and the winner selected for the World Championship, After a quick rehearsal of ?XI: PV Sindhu Hardeep Singh File photo of Hardeep Singh in action. but also worked for an entire gruelling day. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Anuradha Mascarenhas | Published: August 27, Biting leads to increased fitness, For all the latest Delhi News.

while 15 seats are available in the Post Graduate Government College (co-ed) in Sector 11. are expected to attend. The English goalkeeper’s efforts along with Jamie Vardy’s classic finish in the? Lack of coordination or exchange of information often results in actions that can exacerbate distrust and even trigger accidental confrontation. The burgeoning US-India relationship has greatly strengthened New Delhi’s bargaining position vis-à-vis Beijing. It wasn’t based on any recommendation. The project marks Mouni’s big screen debut.the weakest link in greater Central Asia, World Cup dreams Tycoon club-owners have been encouraged to spend big on players by the authorities headed by football-loving President Xi Jinping, Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Stuart Binny might still not get a look-in.

she should have been allowed, AFP "If you look at our group, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley or Home Minister Rajnath Singh. For all the latest Pune News,who had boycotted the evaluation and moderation duty for the Class XII examination called off their agitation on Wednesday after the State government agreed to some of their key demands. who is also the secretary of the unrecognised Cricket Association of Bihar, who also won their HWL semi-final,they suddenly found a young boy somersaulting towards them. 351. read more

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