Macedonia Iceland Poland Slovenia to EURO2012

Today the last teams that will play at the European Championship 2012 in Serbia, that is scheduled for January, are known. Estonia lost early in the day against Hungary, and that sealed Macedonia’s place at the Euro., which won at home against Bosnia and Hercegovina with 25:19.In a direct duel, Iceland “trashed” Austria with huge 44:29, and will go to Serbia along with Germany from the same group. The most unknowns brought group 3, and everything was decided today, the last matches. Poland and Slovenia both won their games against Portugal and Ukraine respectively, and now all participants at the Euro 2012 are known.It is to be played in January, and now knowing the participants, we can expect another very good championship, with probably France being the leading favorite again, followed by Croatia, Denmark…List of qualified teams: Hungary, Macedonia, Croatia, Spain, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden, Slovakia, Germany, Iceland, Norway, Czech Republic, Denmark, Russia. ← Previous Story Women’s WC 2011 qualification: Germany and Croatia in Brasil Next Story → EURO 2012 Draw: Serbs took a Belgrade’s group – Why Germans in the first Pot? read more

EHF F4 Miracle in Berlin – THW Kiel and Fuchse in Cologne

EHF CL F4Fuchse BerlinTHW Kiel ← Previous Story Katarina Krpez in Krim Mercator Next Story → Ljubo Vukic goes to Brest Meshkov! After AG Copenhagen and BM Atletico Madrid, German teams, Fuchse Berlin and THW Kiel qualified for EHF F4 in Cologne. Fuchse Berlin made tremendeous result with +11 win over Ademar Leon 29:18 (first match 24:35), enough to achieve the biggest success in club’s history – TOP 4 in Europe.Fuchse: Heinevetter(Stochl); Sellin (2), Christophersen (5), Jazska (-), Petterson (9), Laen (5), Nincevic (1), Bult (-), Pevnov (1), Romero (6, 4 p).Ademar: Álamo (Losert); Stranovsky (2, 1 ), Antonio García (4), Andreu (4), Ferrer (2), Carou (-), Krivoschlykov (1); Baena (3), Ruesga (-), Goñi (-), Cutura (1), Di Panda (-), Borges (1).THW Kiel broke resistance of C.O Zagreb in second half in “Sparkasse Arena” 33:27 (16:16).  Henrik Lundstrom and Filip Jicha (7 goals) were “key players” in THW’s win over fighters from Croatia. In the first match was tie – 31:31.EHF CL F4 will be played in Cologne’s “Lanxsess Arena” (26 and 27 May) read more

Andrea Lekic about Womens Tournament Norway is the first favourite for gold

One of the biggest European female handball stars, Andrea Lekic is currently with Hungarian Gyori on the basic preparation in Slovenia, but still have time to follow all things around Olympic Handball Tournament. For, Serbian playmaker gives some tips about Women’s tournament in London:– Norway is the first favourite to take gold in London as current champion from Beijing. For other medal positions, battle will be tough. Russia, France, Brasil and Montenegro will be in that “circle” of potential medals winners. Brasil is the best non-European NT. It is really difficult to say anything else. I expect very interesting and uncertain tournament – says Lekic for our website. Andrea Lekic tips LondonLondon handballNorway handballOlympics handballWomen’s handball ← Previous Story Last friendly matches in London: Easy wins for Sweden and Serbia – Croatia beats Iceland! Next Story → Luka Mitrovic to Aalborg Handbold? read more

Israeli teams with fresh Balkan blood – Butulija and Karacic

11.Rehovot5104146:1592 12.MK Holon5104123:1482 7.Asa Tel Aviv5203146:1594 Israeli handballMaccabi Le ZionhandballMaccabi Tel Aviv handball 1.Maccabi Tel Aviv5500170:13210 3.Bnei Herzliya5401173:1598 8.Maccabi Le Zion5113139:1433 9.Maccabi Kiriyat5032142:1593 5.Ramat Hasharon5302151:1366 Championship race in Israel is always interesting. The best teams reinforcing their rosters in order to become competitive in the battles for the trophies. The same situation is this season after information that two Maccabi teams – Tel Aviv and Le Zion signed experienced Balkan back players.The reigning champions Maccabi Tel Aviv signed the 36 years-old left back Bojan Butulija (left on photo), who has been already a part of the team last season.On the other side, Maccabi Le Zion made a deal with Bosnia and Herzegovina’s star Ivan Karacic, who lost his contract in Swiss Kadetten Schaffhausen earlier this season.STANDINGS: 10.Hapoel Ramat Gan5104136:1522 2.Hapoel Ashdod5410144:1299 ← Previous Story FC Barcelona Lassa celebrate 100th ASOBAL win in a row! Next Story → Gyor beat CSM Bucharest in EHF CL final replay! 6.Nes Tziona5212143:1415 4.Hapoel Le Zion5302133:1296 read more

Cabin crew base closure could be averted following 5am talks breakthrough

first_imgTHERE’S BEEN A breakthrough in the long-running dispute between Aer Lingus and airline  cabin crew based at Shannon over new transatlantic services.87 people are employed at the Shannon base. The airline announced last month that it was planning to close the facility following a row centring on staffing levels for the new flights, which will use smaller planes leased from another company.The IMPACT trade union had initially rejected a  proposal that cabin crew operate the flights with four staff members instead of five.Under proposals agreed between the two sides at the Labour Relations Commission at around 5am, it’s planned there will be five cabin crew working on most of the flights when the new schedule begins from January.A union spokesman confirmed to that it was planned some services would operate with four staff, and that crew would be paid extra ‘credits’ for working on those flights.“The main point here is that the proposals are aimed at keeping the Shannon cabin crew base open, and ensuring that these flights are crewed by Aer Lingus crew,” the spokesperson said.He said that while most services would have the full complement of five staff members, the plan left the “operational possibility” that some would take-off with four.The arrangements will be reviewed in July of next year.The union has stressed that staff would prefer to be crewing fully-staffed planes rather than receiving financial compensation for covering the extra workload.The IMPACT negotiators will put the proposals to the union’s cabin crew in a meeting at 1pm today.Read: Aer Lingus and IMPACT to meet with LRC over Shannon job lossesRead: Aer Lingus cabin crew vote in favour of industrial actionlast_img read more

EU fund will help meet grand societal challenges of our time Minister

first_img EU-WIDE MULTI-BILLION euro fund for research and innovation will help meet “the grand societal challenges of our time” the Minister who helped negotiate it has claimed.Seán Sherlock, the Minister of State for Research and Innovation, was speaking to about the Horizon 2020 fund, which was largely agreed during the course of Ireland’s EU presidency earlier this year, with the Cork East TD chairing the negotiations.The new programme for the next seven years will fund research and innovation in businesses across Europe with some €79 billion in total available. A target has also been set that up to 20 per cent of the funding will go to small and medium-sized enterprises.Ireland aims to draw down around €1.25 billion from the fund, double what it has taken under the old programme, known as the ‘Seventh Framework Programme’.Sherlock explained how it might work: “If you can imagine a population that’s increasing, you’re going to be looking at things like functional foods. “How are we going to feed our population, [are] there new ways of embracing new scientific endeavours in terms of meeting that challenge?”Irish universities, businesses and researchers will be able to find out more about the fund at an event being held in the Convention Centre in Dublin next Tuesday.Watch Sherlock explain how the fund might benefit Ireland in the video above Read: Jobs boost expected thanks to €70bn Horizon 2020 programme‘Relentless pursuit’: Kenny hopes unemployment will be under 10 per cent by 2016last_img read more

Over €16 million spent on policing protests against Corrib gas pipeline

first_imgOVER €1.5 MILLION has been spent policing protests at the controversial Shell refinery project in north Mayo since February 2012, it has emerged.Justice Minister Alan Shatter informed the Dáil yesterday that the total cost of policing at the site of the Corrib gas pipeline has now reached “in excess of €16 million” not including the cost of basic salaries of garda members deployed to the area.Campaigners from the Shell to Sea organisation have been protesting against the construction of the Corrib gas pipeline for the past seven years.Shatter, who has previously described the protests as “scandalous”, told the Dáil yesterday: “It is deeply regrettable that so much Garda resources have had to be tied up at the north Mayo site.“However, this is absolutely necessary in view of the actions of some of the protestors, many of whom, as I have said previously in respect of the matter, are not from the area and who have engaged in acts of public disorder as well as damage to property.”He said that the gardaí have consistently stated that they are only concerned with the prevention of public order offences despite accusations of facilitating the interests of Shell over the concerns of local residents.Shatter also said that the recent allegations that gardaí were supplied with a large quantity of alcohol by a company working for Shell are being investigated by the Garda Ombudsman and it would not be appropriate for him to comment further.Last August a Glasgow based company OSSL, which procured materials and services for Shell, claimed in The Observer newspaper that it delivered €35,000 worth of alcohol, which came from Northern Ireland, to Belmullet Garda Station in December 2007.In a statement, gardaí said that allegations were made to the district officer at Belmullet in 2011, that alcohol was distribute to officers on behalf of Shell but said that inquiries found “no evidence” of this.Read: Garda Ombudsman to investigate Shell ‘booze bribes’ allegationsPreviously: Over €14.5m spent in policing protests against Corrib gas pipelinelast_img read more

Column What was the Christmas Star

first_imgHOW DOES ASTRONOMY relate to the Christmas Star? Whether or not the story described in the Bible actually happened, there is a some relevant astronomy when taken in context of the Middle East two thousand years ago, so it’s not surprising that astronomical events would have inspired or influenced writings or events at the time.The Biblical Magi, or the Wise Men, were likely to be people well-versed in astronomy. In their time, astronomical events would have been believed to be signs and predictions about events on Earth. This was what we would now call astrology. The Middle East region was historically renowned for its advances in science and mathematics, so the appearance of astronomer-priests in the story of the Christmas Star strengthens the idea that, if it happened, it was something celestial. There are a number of possibilities that would explain the Christmas Star that took place approximately two thousand years ago.An occultationFive years ago, at the start of December 2008 as the Christmas season was underway, there was an incredible astronomical event that astounded people who saw it. In the early evening, as a thin crescent Moon hovered over the horizon, a brilliant glowing ‘star’ appeared from behind it, slowly moving away from the arc of the Moon.Throughout that evening I received countless calls from people asking what was happening to the Moon. Was our nearest celestial neighbour breaking apart? Was it aliens? Was it the Christmas Star coming back?The astronomical event in question was the end of an occultation, where one object in the sky is obscured – or occulted – by another. In this case, the two objects were the Moon and the bright planet Venus. The Moon and Venus are often placed close together for a couple of days each month when Venus is in the sky (indeed, Venus is in our evening skies now and you may have spotted a close conjunction), but occultations of such spectacle are a much rarer occurrence.In 6BC two occultations took place. Similar to the occultation of Venus in 2008, Jupiter was twice obscured by the Moon in the constellation Aries. When we consider the astrological significance of Aries and Jupiter at the time, we find ourselves at a possible contender for the Christmas Star: Aries was the ‘ruling starsign’ of Judea, while Jupiter was the ‘star of kings’. Combining these, and remembering that Jupiter appeared from behind the Moon, we now have an astronomical event that may have signified a birth of a Jewish king.Comets always ‘point’ towards the SunOf course, there are events that may have occurred that were a little less esoteric, and were more actual astronomy rather than observations blended with astrology and mysticism. One such celestial event may have been the appearance of a comet. While we didn’t get to see Comet ISON as well as we hoped, anyone who has ever seen one (or even a photo of one) will know what they look like. In one sense, they almost resemble an arrow pointing in a certain direction. Comets always ‘point’ towards the Sun, so if a comet was visible in early morning before sunrise, it would have pointed east, which is the direction the Three Wise Men are said to have travelled.As well as this, comets move through the sky, and are in a different place each night with respect to the background stars. As such, over the space of days or weeks, the movement of the comet could have acted as a guide for the travellers.Halley’s Comet orbits the Sun every 75-76 years, and we know that it was visible from Earth in 12BC. The appearance of the comet was noted by Chinese astronomers at the time, but they didn’t report a particularly spectacular display from the object.Did a ‘new star’ influence the Biblical story?Another object recorded by the Chinese astronomers was the appearance of a nova – or ‘new star’ – in the sky in 5BC. A nova occurs when a small, white dwarf star pulls hydrogen gas from a nearby companion star. The gas falls to the surface of the white dwarf where it becomes intensely hot, and finally reignites and undergoes nuclear fusion. The result is an explosion of light and heat.While most nova events are very far away and too faint to see without telescopes, the explosion was seen easily by the astronomers in China and was reported to have stayed in the sky for two months. Maybe this event influenced the Biblical story.So, what was the Christmas Star that features in the Bible? It’s a good question, and certainly from an astronomical perspective, it could have been any of a number of celestial events. There are several theories as to what it could have been, but I don’t think we’ll ever really know for sure!Conor Farrell is an avid science enthusiast and studied physics with astronomy at Dublin City University. He now works with Astronomy Ireland to promote all things space-related to a wider audience. In his spare time he writes about science and current affairs, and can be followed on Twitter at @conorsthoughts.Read more of Conor’s columns here.Watch: Awe-inspiring video of Earth from space will put your day in perspectiveColumn: Stargazing for beginners – get the most out of these dark winter nightsWe’re interested in your ideas and opinions – do you have a story you would like to see featured in Opinion & Insight? Email opinions@thejournal.ielast_img read more

Firefighters to the rescue as the letter e almost blows off Heineken

first_imgImage: Caroline McArdleThe ‘e’ has now been removed and the teams have left the scene.Image: Michelle Hennessy/TheJournal.ieRelated: Travel disruption as high winds continueMore: Storm leaves thousands without power and telephone servicesPictures: Locals flock to see 20 metre fin whale washed up on Achill beach DUBLIN FIRE BRIGADE crew members were called out to D’Olier Street in Dublin today after passers-by spotted a letter from an advertisement hanging precariously from the high-rise building.The first ‘e’ from the word Heineken had become loose on one side so, as a precaution, emergency services closed both Burgh Quay and D’Olier Street.Two trucks and Dublin Fire Brigade’s 100-foot ladder were used in the operation. Firefighters in a cage at the top of the ladder worked to remove the letter.last_img read more

Arts Minister read about Limerick City of Culture resignation in the paper

first_imgTHE ARTS MINISTER has said that he will not be seeking changes to the management of the beleaguered Limerick City of Culture programme.Jimmy Deenihan told RTÉ’s This Week programme that he will only seek to include more members of the Limerick arts community on the board, which has come under severe scrutiny in recent days.The artistic director of the €6 million programme, Karl Wallace, stepped down just hours after the year-long event launched on New Year’s Eve.That sparked fierce debate about the appointment of CEO Patricia Ryan, who had previously served as an adviser to board chairman Pat Cox.However, the Minister for Arts told RTÉ that he had only read about Wallace’s departure ‘in the paper’.Had I known that Karl Wallace was thinking of resigning, I would have picked up the phone and talked to him, but I was only hearing what everyone else was hearing after I read it in the paper.Deenihan denied that the timing of the budget announcement had any impact on the problems at the programme, saying that an October announcement had been agreed well in advance.“I first mentioned this programme down in Limerick in 2011 and I felt that it would be a good idea. I got a presentation from Limerick and made it a national programme.I would have preferred budget announcement earlier, but we had to wait. I would have expected them to get cracking [on planning the programme of events]. The figure of €6 million had been mentioned, generally.“Limerick is a proud city and wants to make it work and we have to get it back on track.Read: Just as the event begins, the artistic director of Limerick National City of Culture quitsRead: Limerick City of Culture chair Pat Cox stands his ground amid controversyRead: Facebook page of Limerick City of Culture is hackedlast_img read more

Gardaí appeal for Kildare man missing for over two weeks

first_imgA 45-YEAR-OLD man has been missing from his home in Kildare for over two weeks.Ruane O’Mahoney from Monsterevin has not been seen since 7 January and gardaí are appealing for the public’s help in tracing his whereabouts.The missing man was last seen in the Monasterevin area and is said to have been wearing a dark green bomber jacket with cream or grey sleeves, blue jeans and white and black Nike runners when he was last sighted.(Pic: Garda Press Office)He is described as being 5′ 8″ in height, of slim build, with brown hair and blue eyes.Anyone with information is asked to contact the local garda station on 045-525322 or any garda station.last_img read more

Shatter slams disturbing PAC comments asks Ombudsman to probe penalty points issue

first_imgHe said that no “substantive evidence” has been put forward to question the findings of an internal investigation into the penalty points issue by Assistant Commissioner John O’Mahoney.Nonetheless, in his statement this evening Shatter said that “in the light of circumstances where allegations are being continuously made and the political controversy which An Garda Síochána finds itself at the centre of” it is now in “the public interest to refer the allegations which are being made and the manner in which those allegations have been pursued” to the Ombudsman.Callinan welcomed the statement this evening and said he looked forward to “co-operating fully” with the Ombudsman investigation and adding: “I want to once again state that An Garda Síochána remains as committed as ever to full accountability to the Oireachtas and the citizens of this country.”Shatter also said that he is to examine legislation that will remove the current ban on gardaí being able to make complaints to the Garda Ombudsman in light of the recent controversy.“I believe that this general prohibition has adversely affected the ability to address circumstances of the kind which have arisen in relation to penalty points,” he said.The full statement from the Minister for Justice:The Public Accounts Committee has a vital role to perform in our democracy. So too does An Garda Síochána. It is in no-one’s interests that a situation be allowed to develop where either hampers the ability of the other to discharge their proper roles. I have no doubt that the vast majority of members of both have great respect for the work each of these institutions performs.Unfortunately, a situation has arisen where, unlike the many serious and dedicated Members of Dáil Éireann who discharge their role on the Committee with impartiality and fairness, some members of the Committee have a tendency to prejudge issues that the Committee is considering and have done so in the media in recent days. Recent comments by that minority pose the risk of bringing the work of the Committee into disrepute, undermining its role and its credibility and are particularly disturbing.Serious allegations have been made against many unnamed members of An Garda Síochána which it seems some members of the Committee wish to promulgate publicly without those against whom allegations have been made being in a position to examine the allegations or defend their reputations. The rolling nature of the allegations is such that the Garda Commissioner, prior to his appearance last week before the Committee, was given no reasonable time to conduct a detailed examination of new allegations made.The reality is that there are legal and practical constraints on the ability of the PAC to determine the veracity of claims made in relation to individual penalty point cases. This could lead to a situation where the Committee is simply used as a platform for persons to make a series of unsubstantiated assertions on which the Committee would not be able to come to a reliable conclusion and which could be very damaging to individual members of An Garda Síochána and to private citizens.Many of these allegations were investigated by Assistant Commissioner O’Mahony and are dealt with in his report. While I am aware that some are concerned that the investigation was not independent of An Garda Síochána, I am not aware of the persons making the allegations putting forward any substantive evidence which would call into question Assistant Commissioner O’Mahony’s findings, despite requests to do so. Instead, the original assertions are merely repeated and further cases are brought to attention in circumstances where the persons making the allegations could not have full knowledge of the facts. I have also previously expressed concerns about how files containing confidential information about individual private citizens appear to have been disseminated to others.My fundamental concern has been to ensure that the penalty points system operates properly. The original allegations made with regard to the cancellation of fixed ticket charges have been addressed in two substantial reports. The issue has been extensively discussed in the Houses of the Oireachtas and I have referred the matter to the Garda Inspectorate, whose report I shortly expect to receive. It has also been addressed by the Comptroller and Auditor General. New arrangements have been put in place to tighten up the procedures applicable to the discretionary cancellation of such charges and there is now in place an audited Garda oversight process. There has been misinformed comment to the effect that I could have originally referred the allegations to the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission but that would not have been in line with legislative requirements.The Gardaí are in the front line in the fight against crime and are a Force in which we can take pride and for whom the majority of people have great respect. In the context of issues of difficulty related to policing that occur that must be addressed, it is only fair that I acknowledge that, during my time as Minister, any such difficulties that have arisen have been addressed by Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan under whose leadership the Gardaí have had outstanding successes.I have discussed the present situation with the Garda Commissioner. While he, of course, has the greatest respect for the work of the Public Accounts Committee, he has legitimate concerns about the effect on the Force of actions which might be taken by the Public Accounts Committee. Equally, he does not want to find himself in a position of conflict with the Committee.We both believe that it is in the public interest that this matter is put to bed once and for all and that it is important that circumstances in which continuing allegations are being made should be addressed definitively to allay any public concerns.In circumstances where the Garda authorities have not been made fully aware of allegations being made and the manner in which allegations are being pursued, it is necessary to identify a method where any public concerns can be addressed, without An Garda Síochána finding itself at the centre of political controversies, or having senior management of the Force continuously distracted from their primary job of protecting the public.Section 102 of the Garda Síochána Act provides that if the Minister considers it desirable in the public interest to do so he can request the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission (GSOC) to investigate certain matters relating to An Garda Síochána. It seems to me, particularly in the light of circumstances where allegations are being continuously made and the political controversy which An Garda Síochána finds itself at the centre of, that circumstances have now arisen where it is in the public interest to refer the allegations which are being made and the manner in which those allegations have been pursued, including issues relating to the preservation of the integrity of Garda records, to GSOC. I am making the necessary arrangement to do so.I hope that people will allow GSOC to proceed with its work unhindered.On a general point, the legislation governing the operation of GSOC does not allow it to investigate complaints made directly to it by members of An Garda Síochána. I believe that this general prohibition has adversely affected the ability to address circumstances of the kind which have arisen in relation to penalty points. I have been reviewing the relevant provisions of the Garda Síochána Act, 2005 with a view to bringing forward proposals to Government to address this issue and expect to shortly do so. Updated 11pm JUSTICE MINISTER ALAN Shatter is to ask the Garda Ombudsman to investigate the controversy surrounding the administration of the penalty points system and has hit out at “disturbing” comments from some members of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC).In a lengthy statement released this evening, Shatter has said that recent comments by a “minority” of members on the PAC “pose the risk of bringing the work of the Committee into disrepute, undermining its role and its credibility and are particularly disturbing”.The PAC has been investigating claims from two whistleblowers who have alleged widespread malpractice in the administration of the fixed charge notice system, claims that have been robustly dismissed by Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan.The committee is due to meet tomorrow to consider whether to hold hearings with a serving garda who is behind some of the claims with a former garda also said to be willing to come before TDs.But Shatter said public comments by some PAC members have had a damaging effect and are “particularly disturbing”.“Unfortunately, a situation has arisen where, unlike the many serious and dedicated Members of Dáil Éireann who discharge their role on the Committee with impartiality and fairness, some members of the Committee have a tendency to prejudge issues that the Committee is considering and have done so in the media in recent days,” he said.“Recent comments by that minority pose the risk of bringing the work of the Committee into disrepute, undermining its role and its credibility and are particularly disturbing.” First published 4.59pm‘We cannot do all the work’: PAC’s growing prominence leads to tensions among membersRead: Whistleblower wants an independent inquiry into penalty points allegationslast_img read more

Warburton returns as Wales make three changes for Six Nations battle with

first_imgWALES CAPTAIN SAM Warburton returns to their starting line-up for next Saturday’s Six Nations clash with Ireland on Saturday.Warburton, who came off the bench against Italy, last Saturday has been named to start at openside flanker by Welsh coach Warren Gatland.He is one of three changes made from the Italian match for next Saturday’s game at the Aviva Stadium.Elsewhere Gethin Jenkins comes into the front-row while Andrew Coombs will partner Alun Wyn Jones in the second row.Warburton replaces Justin Tipuric and Jenkins comes in for Paul James with both Tipuric and James dropping to the bench. Coombs is drafted in for Luke Charteris, who is ruled out with a hamstring injury.Elsewhere the Welsh side is unchanged with full-back Leigh Halfpenny set to win his 50th cap. He lines-up in a back three alongside Alex Cuthbert and George North while Scott Williams and Jamie Roberts continue their centre partnership.The Wales team in full is:WALES: Leigh Halfpenny (Cardiff Blues); Alex Cuthbert (Cardiff Blues), Scott Williams (Scarlets), Jamie Roberts (Racing Metro), George North (Northampton Saints); Rhys Priestland (Scarlets), Mike Phillips (Racing Metro); Gethin Jenkins (Cardiff Blues), Richard Hibbard (Ospreys), Adam Jones (Ospreys); Andrew Coombs (Newport Gwent Dragons), Alun Wyn Jones (Ospreys); Dan Lydiate (Racing Metro), Sam Warburton (Capt – Cardiff Blues), Taulupe Faletau (Newport Gwent Dragons).Replacements: Ken Owens (Scarlets), Paul James (Bath Rugby), Rhodri Jones (Scarlets), Jake Ball (Scarlets), Justin Tipuric (Ospreys), Rhys Webb (Ospreys), James Hook (Perpignan), Liam Williams (Scarlets).In momentum championship Ireland and Wales have the ball slowly rollingConnacht’s Clarke out ‘indefinitely’ after 10th concussion in 22 monthslast_img read more

IBEC appeals for no more taxes to try and ease austerity

first_imgTHE GROUP representing Irish employers has called on the government not to levy further taxes on the public for the next two years, insisting that ordinary workers and households have reached the limit of what they can be asked to pay.The call comes as IBEC holds its annual CEO conference in Dublin today, which will be attended by Taoiseach Enda Kenny and the President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso.IBEC chief executive Danny McCoy said Irish workers had already been taxed enough and that while previous increases were necessary in order to ease the strain on the public finances, no more could be managed.“To reduce the negative impact on growth and job creation, the remaining economic adjustment should be made by reducing expenditure and growing the economy,” he said. “This requires the government to pursue pro-enterprise, pro-business policies.“We need a tax system that rewards work, but recent budgets have seen the tax burden increase dramatically,” he said.McCoy commented that changes to the personal tax system and the introduction of a universal social charge meant Ireland now had one of the highest marginal tax rates in the developed world.“It is crucial that there is no increase in the cost of employment and that nothing is done to undermine the flexibility of the Irish labour market or the industrial relations environment,” he said.Plans for the next Budget, which could be delivered in October under new EU procedures, include €2 billion in spending cuts and €1.1 billion in tax increases.The 2015 Budget, meanwhile, is due to include €700 million in tax increases as part of a €2 billion adjustment.Read: Rehn: Budget 2014 should not be eased after promissory note savingslast_img read more

EU regulator levels cartel charge against three top banks

first_imgTHE EUROPEAN COMPETITION regulator has said that JPMorganChase, HSBC and Credit Agricole were part of a ‘cartel’ manipulating the price of financial products.It follows on from record fines imposed on banks found guilty of the same charges late last year.The Commission fined Barclays, Deutsche Bank and Societie Generale €1.7 billion over collusion to manipulate a benchmark interest rate, which benefited the banks concerned.Speaking today, European Commissioner for Competition Joaquin Almunia said that since imposing the fines on the four banks that admitted culpability last December:“We continued our investigation under the standard cartel procedure for the three parties that did not settle with the commission, CA, HSBC and JPMorganChase.We have now reached the preliminary conclusion that these three banks may have pariticpated in this cartel too.”The EU will now send a ‘statement of objections’ to the three banks, which all now have a chance to respond.Almunia continued: “Activities in the financial markets, as in others, require transparency and healthy competition. These ingredients are essential in restoring trust in the financial sector, which is a precondition for a successful and sustained recovery.”He said that the Commission is continuing its investigations int the Swiss Franc derivatives market and the Foreign Exchange Spot trading markets.Three former bankers charged in connection with UK lending rate fixing>European banks to be fined up to €1.6 billion each today for rate-fixing>last_img read more

London shock Sligo to secure first Connacht SFC victory since 1977

first_imgUpdated  at 16.14London 1-12Sligo 0-14LONDON SECURED A shock victory in the Connacht SFC in what was a thrilling game in Ruislip against Sligo – their first win in the competition since 1977.London got off to a brilliant start when Lorcan Mulvey broke through for an early goal that propelled them into a 1-1 to 0-1 lead.The Exlies added a further two points to stretch their advantage and at one stage they enjoyed a 1-4 to 0-1 lead.Sligo were then denied a goal when Pat Hughes crashed a shot off the crossbar but Adrian Marren and Mark Breheny grabbed points soon after for Kevin Walsh’s men.Mark Gottsche responded with a point for London before the home side then saw their effort for a second goal thwarted in the 31st minute.Padraig McGoldrick – a Sligo native – saw his penalty effort saved by goalkeeper Philip Greene.Sligo built on that boost with Breheny, Marren and Charlie Harrison all on target again before the break yet London were still ahead by four points.McGoldrick then partially atoned for his penalty by scoring London’s first point of the second half to increase their lead, before Breheny responded for Sligo.Further points, including one from the impressive Gottsche gave his side 1-10 to 0-6 lead.However, they suffered a setback when McGoldrick was sent off for a second bookable offence. Sligo’s confidence increased following this incident, with Breheny and Hughes scoring further points to keep them in the game.Harrison and James Kilcullen narrowed the gap even further, but Sean Kelly gave London some breathing space with his second score of the game.Late points from Murphy, Harrison and Tony Taylor made it a one-point game in the dying seconds, before Breheny hit a wide and Pat Hughes struck the crossbar as the visitors attempted to draw level.However, London ultimately held on for a historic victory, and will now meet Leitrim in the semi-final.Additional reporting by Paul FennessyLONDON: Declan Traynor (Fulham Irish);  Kevin Lynam (Heston Gaels), Stephen Curran (St Kiernan’s), David McGreevy (Kingdom Kerry Gaels) Seamus Hannon (Fulham Irish), Shane Mulligan (Fulham Irish), Tony Gaughan (Neasden Gaels); Mark Gottsche (Tir Chonaill Gaels), Paul Geraghty ( Neasden Gaels); Greg Crowley (Parnells), Lorcan Mulvey (Fulham Irish), Barry Mitchell (Tir Chonaill Gaels); Padraic McGoldrick (Heston Gaels), Ciaran McCallion (Kingdom Kerry Gaels), Cathal McGee ( Tir Chonaill Gaels).SLIGO: Philip Greene (St John’s); Keelan Cawley (Coolera-Strandhill), Neil Ewing (Drumcliffe), Ross Donovan (Eastern Harps); Charlie Harrison (St John’s), Adrian McIntyre (Tourlestrane), Brian Curran (Tubbercurry); Stephen Gilmartin (Tubbercurry), Tony Taylor (Eastern Harps); Brendan Egan (Tourlestrane), Pat Hughes (Geevagh), Shane McManus (Geevagh); Mark Breheny (St Mary’s), Adrian Marren (Curry), Frankie Quinn (Shamrock Gaels).Half-Time: Kerry in control in Munster SFC against Tipperary>last_img read more

As it happened Brazil v Colombia World Cup quarter final

19 including Israeli soldier killed in Gaza overnight

first_imgTHE PALESTINIAN DEATH toll in Gaza hit 260 overnight as Israel pressed a ground offensive on the 11th day of a large-scale operation to stamp out militant rocket fire.Israel’s toll in the violence meanwhile rose to two with the death of a soldier in Gaza, the army said.The latest Palestinian deaths were of two men from the Shami family at Khan Yunis in southern Gaza, emergency services spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra said.The deaths raised the toll today to 19.Earlier, four family members in Khan Yunis were killed, with another two slain in the northern town Beit Hanoun.And before that, three men were killed by tank fire east of Khan Yunis and another was killed in Shejaiyeh, east of Gaza City, Qudra said.Five people were killed by Israeli fire in separate attacks on the southern city of Rafah, including a five-month-old baby.In northern Gaza, tank shelling killed two men were killed not long after midnight in Beit Hanun, the spokesman said.According to figures provided by the Gaza-based Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, more than 80 percent of the victims have been civilians.At least 1,920 Palestinians have also been wounded.Since the Israeli operation began before dawn on July 8, at least 1,150 rockets fired from Gaza have struck Israel, and another 311 have been shot down by the Iron Dome air defence system, army figures show.On the Israeli side, one civilian was killed by rocket fire this week, and an Israeli soldier was killed in Gaza on Friday.Another four Israelis have been seriously injured.- © AFP, 2014Read: Israel launches ground operation in Gazalast_img read more

2TB Portable Hard Drive Prices Fall Below 100

first_imgAnother hard drive price barrier is breached: $100 for a 2TB portable hard drive. A number of sites have them below $100 including, where $99.99 direct lands you an Iomega Select 2TB external drive with a USB 2.0 connection; some customers got promo codes dropping the price to $89.99 with free shipping. It was little more than half a year ago that the price of 2TB internal hard drives (the drive, no case, no power supply) first fell below $100 (see story).Often when a PC component breaks a price barrier – $100 for a bigger hard drive or larger monitor, $50 or $25 for a rewriteable optical drive, it sets off a surge in purchases and what was a short-term promotion becomes the established selling price. That appears to be the case here, or will be shortly. AdChoices广告Two Buying TipsWith that much capacity, you might want to shop around for an external drive with more than just a USB 2.0 interface. With an eSATA interface you’ll have speeds as good as if you opened up your PC and installed the bare drive inside. Also, not every 2TB drive package contains a 2TB hard drive. In some cases,  you’re getting two 1TB hard drives. That may be an advantage if you want to mirror the drives for 1 TB of really reliable, duplicated storage but more likely you may find yourself with mixed feelings about a bigger enclosure that draws more power and, because there are two drives, not one, higher odds that you’ll have a drive failure sooner or later. These are 3.5-inch hard drives, which means they need a power supply and remain a bit bulky to carry around as extra storage for your laptop PC. For that you want a 2.5-inch external portable drive, where the current maximum capacity is 1TB. And the street price for a 1TB, 2.5-inch portable drive is just over $100. But any day now …last_img read more

How Dr Seuss Invented Nerds

first_imgDr. Seuss is the original nerd. Okay, so maybe the guy wasn’t a real doctor (he studied for, but didn’t complete, his doctorate), but he did wear glasses, the occasional bowtie, and graduated from Dartmouth, for what it’s worth. Also, the good quasi-doctor is also credited with actually having invented the term “nerd.”The term dates back to the 1950 publication of Seuss’s If I Ran the Zoo, which features the typically Seussian “a Nerkle, a Nerd, and a Seersucker too,” all part of Gerald McGrew’s laundry list of species for an imaginary zoo.A year later, Newsweek offered up its more current slang definition–an apparently popular term in Detroit at the time, used to describe those of the “square” persuasion. With this in mind, we at Gearlog would like to wish a happy 107th birthday to one of our most beloved nerds, on a boat, with a goat–wherever he deems appropriate, really.  AdChoices广告last_img read more

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